Built for your business network, MetroClick touchscreen solutions can make meetings, check-ins, and in-office communication easy and seamless.

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Make it Engaging

Our digital interactive board can make even your most complex presentations digestible, captivating, and informative for clients, investors, and executives. MetroClick screens bring everyone together, by allowing for multiple users to interact with the screen at the same time. Invite prospective clients or investors up to write, touch, and engage in your presentation. 


Active Participation

With our connective touch screens installed in meeting rooms, clients and employees can view presentation on the large screen on their personal tablets or computers, allowing them to take notes and write comments instantaneously.

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Sleek Display

Our interactive glass touch screens can also add a sleek, futuristic aesthetic to a large office, leaving clients with a sense of a modern, forward thinking, and productive company.




Ensure a smooth, bright future with your clients, partners, and investors.

Introduce it with MetroClick solutions.

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