For any festival, party, or event, metroclick is the ideal solution to keep guests engaged, excited, and always remembering your event. 


Stay informed and have fun

Ensure guests keep updated on event times and have all the right info. Use our touch solutions to display exclusive content, print tickets, display interactive schedules, and sell exclusive merchandise. Our event software can also filter live feeds of what people are saying about your event on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Ideal for event planners and entertainers, our systems are created exclusively for client events. 


Charging stations


In this day and age it seems you cant go anywhere without your smartphone fully charged.  With the MetroClick charging stations, your guest will always have a convenient method of charging at any event. These charging stations can also be used for  digital signage and advertising as well. The embedded digital display and optional vinyl wrapping allows any display to stay on brand with the event. 


Remember Forever

With our CliqClik Photo Booth solutions, users can take a picture with an event-themed frame to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Our new virtual reality and green screen feature can also place event graphics in the background of any picture.


All of our event solutions are available for rent or purchase.

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