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Rent our MetroClick photo booth today and add a new dimension to your New York City event or venue by allowing customers to take pictures of their night surrounded by your branding.

Perfect for Corporate Events, Weddings, or any celebration!

MetroClick ensures your event is the most talked about place, allowing your guests share pictures directly via MMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Plug and Play

CliqClik is the first plug and play interactive touchscreen photo booth with sizes that make a great fit for any space.

Easy Setup with customizable interface

With easy set up and completely customizable interface, adding the CliqClik Photo Booth to your next NYC event is a no brainer.

Whether you are a party planner, event space or just someone looking to add another dimension to your next celebration look no further than our rental options.

Photo booth with many sizes

CliqClik offers different sizes ranging from 21”-55” for rental and sales. You will get a all-in-one interactive photobooth kiosks that will bring your party to life and let it be the talk of the town for the days to come through social media sharing.

More Information

Planning for events

When we plan any parties, events or our weddings in NY, we always want them to be fun-filled, entertaining and be ever cherishable for our lovely guests.

And, for this we start a lot of planning way before the scheduled date and try to leave no stone unturned. Adding fun to a party can be very easy and chic with photo booth NYC available for rentals.


HIRE Photo Booth 

Renting photo booths are perfect for a wedding and allow your guests to enjoy as much as they can. Fully loaded with many features and props, these ensure that your party is a hit and your guests have a smile when they leave.


Demand for Renting Photo Booth

Here are a few reasons why there is a rise in demand for photo booth rentals:

– They keep your guests entertained to the fullest throughout the party and they really enjoy it.

– There are no restrictions and disturbances, thus allowing you and your guests to be comfortable.

– You never know what people are up to once they enter the booths. These booths can bring out creative side of your guests irrespective of their age and nature. Be sure that they will make the best use of it.

– You can really see the fun side of your guests. Crazy and epic expressions that make you laugh till your stomach hurts. Creative expressions, silly faces and funny poses, hilarious videos and acts are what you get in the end.

– There are many editing options which you can get from a good photo booth to enhance your picture quality. You can add some quotes or dates and give them to your guests so that they can remember the day forever.

– Photos generated from these booths are very high in resolution and print quality. Gift these photos to your guests as return gifts and they will remember the day forever and thank you.

– Play the videos in slow motion and see how everyone present there rolls in laughter. You ought to love the reactions to these slow motion videos. You can instantly replay these videos on the screen provided and enjoy.

– Photo booths come with many props that can be used while taking pictures and videos. No need to provide any instructions; your guests know the best way to them.

– Along with all these you get soft copies of the pictures and videos, both edited ones and raw copies. Share them online with your friends and create coffee table books. You will also get mobile compatible pictures for your phones and tablets.



Renting these photo booths for various parties and events have become common and a hot favorite of both guests and hosts. Including these booths in parties are the best ways to add fun and entertainment to any event.



There is a tremendous demand for photo booth rental for weddings. Not only guests, but the bride and groom can also enjoy inside the booth posing crazily and creating videos.

Prints of pictures clicked are generated in matter of minutes and make beautiful return gifts. These photo booths are the best memory makers. You can gift your guests an unforgettable experience.


Photobooth Companies

Due to the craze in the last few years, there are many companies that hire out photo booths for events.

Depending on where you are based you will have multiple options on where to hire your booth from, but how do you decide?

Have a look at the following information for advice on what to look for and the companies that hire them out.


High Tech Booth

Technological advances have allowed a photo booth to be a high tech gadget. Gone are the days of old fashioned, small singular pictures.

The latest booths can include touch screen controls, high resolution digital cameras and even green screen technology to customise the background of the photos.

The are many types and shapes available so please compare the booth that is being offered by a company. Often companies will have older models, offered at a reduced rate, but you do get what you pay for with photo booth technology.



Companies often can alter the look of a booth around your event theme. This can be done with the outer shell of the photo booth, customized props and even the background of the photos to match the occasion. For example a common wedding them choice currently is that of a vintage wedding.

A modern photo booth does not match the theme unless vintage colors and accessories can blend the photo booth in within the theme.

Old fashioned bunting applied to the outer skin of the booth, classic booth props and even staff uniform will make the booth seem vintage and allow for the use of a modern accessory at the event. If you have a theme then look for a company that can style a photo booth based on your theme.


Another great feature of a modern day photo booth is the ability to record a video message for the event host.

Often controlled by the touch screen, the guest simply chooses the video message option and quickly records the message.

Some booths on the market have a time limit of 10 second messages; others have no time limit on the message. If you require video messaging, please check with the company they can provide it and whether you are limited on the length of message.



The cost of hiring a photo booth varies based on your location and what you require from the booth. Often a company will charge you by the hour with a minimum rental period, then there may be additional charges for certain features.

Do not take it for granted that the price advertised is the price you will pay, ask for a quotation for your event and be sure to explain everything you require for example green screen and a guest book for a 3 hour rental period.


Any good company will ask for feedback from customers and display this on their website or advertising literature.

Please check through this carefully to ensure that it is genuine, if they have a gallery section look for the events that the feedback comes from. If they have a number of customer feedbacks without the galleries on the site to match then the chances are the feedback is not genuine.

Choose the right photobooth supplier in New York

Take your time in choosing a photo booth and the company that hire them out. Find your local suppliers and compare them to the larger national companies and check the service offered, price and features.

Send them an email or pick up the telephone and have a relaxed discussion on what they can provide for you.

Then once you have collected a number of options make an informed decision based on the factors discussed here. A photo booth provides a great feature for any event and your guests will love it.

In summary, it is advised that you book a business that is legitimately incorporated, publicly advertises a running functional website, uses professional-grade equipment, makes their prices transparent and available, and showcases their work.

These traits will give you a good photo booth for your wedding. It’s up to you to determine your budget and the scope of work. Communicate these to your photo booth company and don’t be afraid to ask some questions if you have them.


Customized Branding

Booth Customization and branding: vinyl wrap, vinyl decal, and custom casing.

Digital Branding

Customized framing, themed watermarks, colors or and digital branding for each venue.

Emoji Feature

Allows customers to drag digital stickers or emojis onto their photo booth photos.

Scribble Feature

Allows users to draw on their photo with various pen colors or with themed colors.

Need something even more custom? Contact us!

Social media and Events calendar

Turn your kiosk system into a digital showcase of your venue. Showcase an interactive calendar of all of your events and specials. Showcase your love social feeds directly on your system. If they your guests don’t follow up already, give them an opportunity to learn more about your brand and unique culture.


Have a special event or want to offer advertising space on your MetroClick system? Now you can allocate branded ad or custom content to different areas of the photo booth.

Data capture and Analytics

Now that your guests have an enjoyed their visit to your venue, send them a message so they dont miss the next! With our proprietary back end dashboard platform, you can capture all of the data input on your photobooth system to use as remarketing tools for your venue

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Options to HIRE a Photo Booth in NYC and Beyond

Cliqclik offers both short term and long term, Private and Commercial rentals. With A national distribution network, we are proud to offer our services in all major cities.

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