Learn About One of The Leading Digital Signage Companies in The USA

MetroClick can provide your company with cost-effective digital signage solutions, whether you are a large enterprise-wide network or a stand-alone small business, that are a perfect combination of affordability and the best industry-standard technology.

This will ensure that you and your company are able to achieve exactly what you want by implementing specialized digital solutions within your budget. Our fully interactive solutions and turn-key digital signage include installation, custom content design, software, hardware and full support.

It always our aim to deliver the best services and solutions to our customers, and we have a wealth of happy and satisfied customers who have experienced success working with us.

Capable and experienced with digital sign design, manufacturing and installation

We are highly experienced and capable of providing a comprehensive variety of custom sign solutions for various environments, buildings, organizations and industries such as:

  • Advertising and marketing window projection systems
  • Retail environments
  • Convention and conference centers
  • Large arenas and stadiums
  • Healthcare settings
  • Education properties and institutions
  • Financial organizations
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, dance clubs and other entertainment establishments
  • Interactive touch screen kiosks
  • Digital menu boards

If you are interested in further information or would like to see how we could with your specific signage requirements, email or give us a call to arrange an in-person, phone or video consultation.

Content rich signage technology reduces costs and enhances viewer engagement

The content-rich digital signage software  that we develop is based in the cloud and will help to reduce operational costs, improve efficiency and engage your target audience successfully.

The solutions from MetroClick utilizes unique digital signage software that features live data integration and native content apps. These allow users to design and send versatile and attractive content to a wide variety of connected hardware such as kiosk displays, 4K displays, video walls, digital signs and touchscreen displays.

The software integrations include YouTube, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter etc., news feeds, waiting lists, digital menus, event listings, flight information, wayfinding, CAP and emergency alerts, courtroom dockets, box offices, workplace posters, metrics dashboards and even enterprise HTML5 and a whole lot more.

This means that our digital signs can be utilized in a variety of different important industries such as entertainment, manufacturing, retail, food services, hospitality, healthcare, education, corporate, and much more.

Signage that set your organization apart from the competition

Our unique signage solutions suite features:

  • Unique and powerful, content-rich software
  • Content creation
  • Managed service plans
  • Interactive digital kiosk systems
  • Video wall solution
  • HD media players

Our proprietary signage solutions play a crucial role in connection employees of organizations with their customers in various sectors – so whether it’s universities, airports, commercial organizations, hospitality, malls or retailers – we can help.

Our digital displays can provide an excellent way to encourage and produce more engaging communication between companies and their stakeholders.

With Metroclick’s solutions, employees become brand ambassadors and browsers become customers while increasing and improving brand awareness. Challenging our clients to change their view of how they engage and communicate with their target audiences with our signage solutions.

We have assisted businesses of all levels to establish dynamic digital signage networks that encourages its members to educate, inform, entertain and crucially, socialize with audiences.

Contact us today regarding your signage questions. Our experts can help you define what your industry needs are and how you can maximize your space and budget.