Be the Biggest


MetroClick’s large installations allow you to showcase your holdings big and bright, with multi-touch technology allowing several viewers to interact with the video screen at the same time. Our displays also allow for stunning, artful videos, digital signage and pictures that can make your lobby glow. This installations can be controlled with direct touch, or using a remote touch tablet.

Keep your clients and residents in the loop


Our touch screens can be installed in your buildings themselves, offering maps and resident/store directories, display visually appealing video graphics, or assist building employees in management and organization.

Bring your showroom with you, wherever your office moves


Our large mounted screens allow your prospective clients to view virtual showrooms, eliminating the costs of creating and maintaining real ones with every new leasing office. If 84″ isn’t big enough, use our LifeWall installation to simulate a life-size showroom. Every time your leasing office moves, take your showroom with you at no cost.

Stay Safe

Our touch screens can be programmed with cameras as automated doormen, notifying residents when a guest is requesting to come up and allowing them to view the guest through a camera. Our smaller screen can be installed in each apartment or store, so residents can view requesting guests through the camera at the front.

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