MetroClick Manager – The Secure Kiosk Distribution and Management Platform


MetroClick Manager is an all-in-one content management and distribution system for distributing web based content or native kiosk applications reliably and securely to public self-service kiosks. Utilizing the MetroClick Manager platform you are able to push, control and manipulate content on a singular device, to a group of devices or to your entire system through our web based GUI.


Product highlights


  • Securely manages and controls all system wide elements ensuring that only critical applications and processes are running.
  • Showcase your content online both securely and easily.
  • Creates secure environment for both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Offers the ability for online / digital keyboard
  • Offers the ability to allow designated iFrames or third party API integrations.
  • 24/7 access to real-time system monitoring
  • Easily configurable to meet your specific needs through our rules based management system. Have complete control or allow us to aid you in managing your systems.


Secure User-Interface Features


  • Kiosk Lockdown
  • Boot Control
  • Secure Browser Access
  • Content Overlay Capability – Display your branding through static images or dynamic content via our “Screen Saver” feature.
  • URL Safe Searching (White-Llisting)
  • Compatible with all MetroClick Hardware and most third party hardware configurations
  • Full-Scale System Integrations


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