CliqClik Photo Booth

Our CliqClik photo booth solutions are fun, modern, and highly engaging. CliqClik allows users to take photos or GIFs and share on social media. Integrate logos and hashtags and watch brand awareness grow organically. This new-age photo booth even has virtual reality capabilities. Learn more here.

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Interactive experiences

MetroClick specializes in developing interactive experiences that extract valuable data throughout the process. Experiences including quizzes, games, interactive commercials, promotional video, directories, surveys, and maps give users a fun way to engage with your brand while volunteering data that can be used to stay in contact. We can even gamify existing experiences.


Concierge System

MetroClick's custom concierge systems allow users to explore local activities, send directions to their mobile device, check the weather, learn about upcoming events, buy merchandise, make reservations, or place service orders. For more information, see our work in Hospitality. 

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Pop-Up Shops

MetroClick pop-up software allows users to explore various products and variations with one tap. API payment integration allows for on-demand checkout with a credit card, Apple Pay, or Android Pay. On a MetroClick PC kiosk, moving and installation for pop-up shops is as simple as plugging it into the wall. 


Social Media Integration

MetroClick systems can be pre-programed to feature your branding when users share their new purchase, picture, or discovered content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This pre-populated content boosts brand awareness organically, for less cost than traditional advertising. Our systems can even pull live social media feeds featuring brand hashtags, account tags, or geotags for a real-time look at campaign performance.

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