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What is Digital Advertising

Digital advertising boards have been there for many decades to convey a message or advertise in public spaces.

In today’s digital age, displays in the form of signages are going digital all over the world to communicate their messages or trying to market to a particular group.

Every day, more corporations, public organizations, and marketers are attempting to benefit from Digital Signage.



Digital Signage is about displaying live or dynamic digital content on digital devices such as LCD, LED and projectors for the purpose of advertising, awareness or conveying a message in public space.

This advertising method is a modern way of reaching out to the target audience. Technology has converted the large static banners into huge dynamic screens where you can stream any media to woo your audience.


The benefits over traditional signage are that it can be updated on a regular basis or live.

The History

In the 1980s and 1990s, analog video signage was in use.

After the invention of the DVDs in 1995, retailers shifted to DVDs and digital displays came into existence.

Now marketers have turned to large flat displays such as LEDs. They are replacing DVD or BlueRay players with Digital Signage players.

These players can play dynamic content and do not have to be only videos. They can stream content from the Internet in seconds.

The signage industry is growing rapidly as marketers all over the world are recognizing the power of dynamic content which is possible only with Digital Signs Technology.

Hardware Players

A digital sign network needs a central server to work. The central server is connected wirelessly to the media players such as Notebooks at the display locations. Central servers then stream the information to these displays via wired or wireless connections.

They are used to update the data and transmit it via the central server to the whole network.

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To reach your customers, you need to get their attention first. People have been trained subconsciously to look at displays such as Television, LED, etc. for information. 

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content grabs attention for a much longer duration than the static content. That’s why signage is very useful in reaching your potential customers. Content Management Systems allow easy updating of content. It allows marketers to make agile marketing strategies according to the response of the audience.


Results and reactions

The measurement of results and calculating the cost of customer acquisition is made possible. You can update news related to your service in real time. It was not possible with posters, banners or painted boards. The display window can be divided into different parts to show different content streams.

At the surface, it appears to be an expensive option, but if you have a large audience, it is cheaper than print.

There is no shortage of the type of digital media you can use to reach your audience. You can choose the type of media or a combination of them according to your unique requirements.


Common types of retail media


The video is the most commonly used signage media. Video grabs attention naturally, and you can choose to add audio or keep it muted according to the surroundings and crowd.


If your target audience comprises of tech-savvy and professional people, slides are very likely to get you the results you want. Presentations themselves are very dynamic in nature, and you can add graphs, images, videos and almost every kind of digital content to them.


If you don’t want to display videos or presentations and have a short message that can be conveyed in a few seconds of motion, you can use moving pictures.


If your target audience is young kids, animated cartoons can be used to reach them. Kids love cartoons, and if they see their favorite characters holding your product, it can prove very useful. They are best to display in front of a large gathering of children.


If you have a stream of short information snippets, such as news headlines or if your product is related to stock markets, such as a trading account, a strip below the screen displaying current stock prices is the best way to grab your audience’s attention.


Displaying your company’s Twitter feeds, or Facebook page is a very good idea. It not only conveys information that you want but also attaches interested people as they can instantly follow you on the social media if they find your content useful.


Benefits of Digital Sign Display Solutions


Saves your Setup Setup

Signage can save a lot of time that would go into printing, mounting boards, and other such activities. Once you have a central server set up and displays in place, media can be quickly created by your marketing team and put into action.

Grabbing your Customers Attention

Dynamic content is anytime more useful than static content for grabbing attention and keeping the audience interested. It leads to better results of your marketing campaigns.


Creating and displaying dynamic Content in a shopping mall or some other public place improves the atmosphere of the place and makes it lively.



Adoption of the most effective marketing strategies is essential for every business and industry leader. If your competitor is benefiting from digital signage, you must not lag behind and make use of changing technology.


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