Traditional A-Frame signs have been a great freestanding option which can provide retailers with increased foot traffic and opportunities for motivated impulse buyers. New product offerings and relevant retail specials can draw foot traffic into a location to boost brand awareness and sales. MetroClick’s Digital A-Frame solution gives the traditional A-Frame an impactful interactive enhancement via easy to use, state of the art technology.


Digital A-frames are digital displays designed for the presentation of digital media (photos, videos, text, music, graphics or more) without requiring a computer. Use of digital A-frames actually predate tablets, often used for similar purposes but fall short when it comes to screen size and visibility. Digital A-frames are designed to help to help retails of all sorts display relevant images, videos, text and advertising materials.


With an integrated digital solution, there are no concerns about manually updating content, smudged ink or chalk, unclear artwork, or indecipherable handwriting. MetroClick has designed a Content Management System (CMS) which allows retailers to remotely push content to their digital A-Frames. MetroClick’s CMS allows an individual retailer to manage Digital A-Frames at one or multiple locations with synchronized or location independent content. Rather than having to reprint signage to update content, users can remotely push vivid, eye-catching, static or dynamic images, and videos to increase customer engagement.

MetroClick’s Digital A-Frame design provide retailers with added value in the following domains.




Digital A-Frames are light weight making set up and take down a breeze. MetroClick’s Digital A-Frames are compact and can be stored in a flat position when not in use making for optimal convenience. Via connectivity with MetroClick’s CMS, retailers can push new content to their A-Frame displays remotely.




Our Digital A-Frames can be placed in a large variety of locations and can be programmed to display customized information that is dynamic, scheduled, or random. MetroClick offers battery powered as well as hard-wired solutions in addition to weather and vandal proof models for increased portability.




MetroClick’s Digital A-Frame allows retailers the opportunity to both increase revenue and lower expenses in the form of head count and static print signage costs. The Digital A-Frame is a minimal investment that will likely pay for itself in the first month of operation!




The MetroClick digital A-frame delivers impactful messages to customers in retail environments of any sort. Synchronized with MetroClick’s CMS, the digital A-Frame will increase foot traffic and brand awareness making retail offers nearly impossible to miss.



If you would like to learn more about the MetroClick digital A-frame and Content Management System (CMS), contact us today!