The holidays are here, and now’s the time for retailers to capitalize on the busy shopping season. Rather than relying on old-school sales techniques, savvy storeowners are leveraging data to target customers and seize a piece of their holiday budget. Here’s how.

Suggest complementary items

Perhaps a customer bought a zodiac necklace from your store. Use that data to suggest similar items (such as a matching bracelet) in a punchy message delivered right to their inbox. You might see them again the next day, picking up that item and hopefully a few others.

Highlight top gifts

Take a look at your sales data: What are your best-selling products? Highlight them on your in-store display, with essential info and directions on where in the store they’re located. Then, showcase complementary merchandise within eyeshot of what the customer came for to entice them to fill their shopping carts.

Drive demand with dynamic inventory

Got limited numbers of certain products? Share that on your in-store display kiosk. Demand will instantly increase when a customer sees that supplies of a hot item are dwindling. And if you happen to sell out, encourage customers to share their email address so you can let them know when it’s in stock.

Quiz customers

In-store quizzes are a win-win for customers and retailers alike. They can provide customers with fun, personalized suggestions for what to buy, while simultaneously collecting data you can use to drive sales. Set up a flashy quiz on your in-store display for the holidays. As you learn about your customers’ likes and dislikes, you can target them with recommendations throughout the season.

Competition is steep among retailers this time of year. But by using data-driven sales tactics, you can make your customers (and your bottom line!) extra merry.