Our Dallas Sanitizing Station is created to help protect people & keep a business open.

The MetroClick Digital Hand Sanitation Station for Dallas Businesses

With the global impact of COVID-19, keeping sanitized is staying safe!

MetroClick manufactured a Dallas sanitation system to ensure you, your customers, and your guests stay as protected as possible while still to making it possible to present your business critical functions and solutions. MetroClick has designed a digital signage solution with a built-in digital sanitizing station and is ready in both touch and non-touch functionality.

This turnkey hardware / software system is a safe addition retail, restaurant, hospitality, health, education or public venues, looking to relay digital messaging while providing essential health disinfecting options to their guests.

In such an uncertain time, keeping people informed, intrigued, and sanitized has never been more important!

MetroClick’s hardware can be seamlessly integrated onto any wall or be supported by a stand and is paired with its Content Management System (CMS) allowing for management and distribution of content almost immediately!

Customize your Digital Hand Sanitation Solution for Dallas with full custom branding capabilities

Hardware Highlights

  • 22” touchscreen
  • Compatible with wall mount or stand
  • Build in media player
  • Motion sensor
  • Sanitizing dispenser
  • Sturdy commercial build
  • Perfect for most venues

Software Highlights

  • Broadcast image, video or html content
  • News
  • Weather
  • Social media feed
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand video content
  • Touchscreen engaging content

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More Information

Dallas Hand Sanitizing Kiosks for Multiple Purposes

MetroClick is happy to reveal the launch of a next-generation interactive sanitizing station created with 24/7 bacterium complimentary glass finish innovation. This tactical collaboration will enable MetroClick to integrate Kastus’ finishes into the production process in order to produce touch screen panels with an antimicrobial glass treatment.

MetroClick developed this solution in action to COVID-19 and the extensive effect it’s had on small and big services, universities, retail environments, real estate, grocery, federal government offices, non-profits public transit terminals, medical centers and numerous others. The interactive sanitizing station represents endless applications but has instant use to assist guarantee all people stay as safe as possible while allowing critical functions and operations the capability to resume safely and properly.

The MetroClick hand disinfection kiosks will help keep your Dallas locations clean

The 22″ digital signs service consists of an integrated sanitizing station and is available in both touch and non-touch performance. The interactive sanitation station holds 1 liter of either gel or liquid hand sanitizer. Consisted of in the design is an indicator light which permits an easy and discreet way to determine dispensers which to be filled up. This turnkey hardware/ software solution is the ideal addition to the interior or exterior of a structure, has movement picking up capability enabling cloud based digital messaging while offering pointers best practices and social duty.

MetroClick’s hardware can be easily incorporated onto any wall or be supported by stand and is paired with its Content Management System (CMS) allowing for management and distribution of material in a matter of seconds! MetroClick Manager (MCM) permits you to quickly group and assign your gadgets to handle whatever from your entire signage portfolio to store particular signage to each private display. This enables you to quickly sector and define content throughout your entire network. Up-to-the-minute reporting available through the MCM control panel enables you to have the tools required to monitor the health and status of your network. Handle your organization through our user administration console. Through using business guidelines and tiered levels of user gain access to, you have the ability with MCM to customize your system to your company.

MetroClick’s collaboration with Kastus permits the touch screen solutions supplier to additional develop and enhance their touch screen abilities in order to bring value, safety, and social obligation to the work environment while allowing consumers and visitors to feel comfy and tidy. MetroClick’s team is currently exploring new opportunities in order to fully make use of Kastus’ finish technology throughout the vertical markets it serves while integrating it with the company’s touch and optical bonding knowledge.

As the worldwide economy starts to re-open, digital signage and marketing presence will be a crucial element for both small and big entities throughout all markets to differentiate themselves from the competition. MetroClick has developed an industry leading interactive solution which incorporates cutting-edge anti-microbial technology to allow service to thrive in a safe and streamlined style.

In addition to our anti-microbial hardware abilities, MetroClick boasts an internal software development team which permits software application created particularly for your touch screen needs and interactive solutions. Offering state of the art, turnkey solutions, MetroClick provides you cutting-edge technology and assistance all under one roofing system.

Join us in this opportunity to redefine the method local and worldwide institutions position themselves from a business, marketing, safety, and social obligation perspective. Email sales@metroclick.com today to find out more!

We are providing the interactive sterilizing station in the below two funding options:


(1) Purchase Price: $999 + $99 / month* software fee
(2) Lease Price: $199 / month*

Office: 646.843.0888
Website: www.MetroClick.com
Address: 149 W. 27th Street, 4th Floor, NY, NY 10001

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