digital charging stations

MetroClick charging stations are the perfect branding solution

MetroClick Charging Stations offer a light and easy to set up, to use and to brand. The perfect addition to your next event or occasion. MetroClick has the ability to make customizable touchscreen software for your company accessible through neat, sleek glass. Made for indoor or outdoor settings.

iBar Twisted Republic metroclick interactive glass surface
metroclick GLASS 3 REI GORGEOUS transparent touchscreen glass display

Rental Charging Stations for Special Events


Display images or video with sound


Easy and assembly with no tools required

Device Support

Supports all devices on market with easy upgrade abilities

Rent or Purchase

Offering national rental service as well as purchase options


We offer full vinyl wraps along as spot logos

Cellphone charging stations for sale


The unique MetroClick charging stations can be placed in conference halls, airports, convention centers, office spaces, universities, colleges, stadiums and countless other locations. Contact our specialists to learn about our customization options.

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