The MetroClick
Social Station is the perfect product to bring to life any retail location.

The MetroClick Social media Station

Redefining the Photo Booth Sharing Experience 

The Social Station offers three unique areas of content to bring life to your brand in any location.

The social station consists of three main categories: Website or custom URL, Social Media Feed, and Interactive photobooth.

Website or Custom URL

Utilize your existing website or creating mini-site for your kiosk experience. Don’t have a website that you are happy with implementing on the kiosk?

Our team of in-house developers is here to assist to create, format, or implement a solution specifically tailored to the kiosk experience.

The MetroClick solution allows a seamless way to manage your layout and content while auto-updating your kiosk in real time.


Social Media Board

Bring your brand to life by aggregating all of your social media accounts and platforms into a single portal and/or interface.

There is no better way to create brand awareness than your own carefully curated social media posts.

Users will discover your social media presence by browsing through your online content and adding to the experience by uploading personal content with the associated hashtags.

All of this aggregation will happen in real-time, creating a unique experience for the user in addition to showcasing the power of your brand.

Allow users to engage and share their retail experience
directly from the booth.


Have a hashtag to circulate? Using the social tab on the booth, you can make your Twitter and Facebook pages get the desired level of traction.

What better way to market your product than by letting the end user do it for you?

Take a photo in the Social Station and push directly to your social feeds.



4K Camera
Custom Text and email
Data Capture
Custom Digital Branding
Private URL for Content Download
Drag and Drop features for Custom Emojis
Social Media Integration


  • Continuous Flash
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Filters
  • Printer

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