Make your regular glass display come to life.

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Discover MetroClick’s interactive Glass Touch Screen Technology

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MetroClick has the ability to make customizable touch screen software for your company accessible through neat, sleek glass.

Made for indoor or outdoor settings. Whether it’s a storefront window, refrigerator door, or tabletop, our touchscreen glass can be implemented anywhere. Revolutionize any plain surface with a visually appealing, modern aesthetic, while keeping it functional and fun.


With interactive glass, customers can tap through your store’s directories, products, and promotions through your window display.

The interactive glass solution by MetroClick will make your storefront stand out and catch passer-by’s attention.

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Interactive Touch Screen Glass. Complete and powerful digital output while maintaining the transparency of a standard glass panel.

Make Your GLASS Display WALL Come to Life!

MetroClick has the ability to make customizable touch screen software for your company accessible through neat, sleek glass. Made for indoor or outdoor settings.

Whether it’s a storefront window, refrigerator door, or tabletop, our touchscreen glass display can be implemented anywhere.

Revolutionize any plain surface with a visually appealing, modern aesthetic, while keeping it functional and fun.

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Interactive Glass Display Solutions by MetroClick

MetroClick’s Interactive Touch Glass: Transparent touchscreen glass features our premier transparent LCD panels allowing a complete and powerful digital output while maintaining the transparency and sleek aesthetic of a standard glass panel.

Your Display Window – Digitized

MetroClick has the ability to make customizable touch screen software for your company accessible through neat, sleek glass.

Made for indoor or outdoor settings.

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Open Even When You’re Not

Interactive glass creates an opportunity to engage potential clients and customers. They can browse through your products and services without even entering your store.

Our solution allows you to engage your customers, even when there’s no one inside.

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Interactive Glass Surface Technology

With our interactive glass surfaces, you can make any glass tabletop into a fully functional touch device.

Perform any actions that a normal system would offer, right at your tabletop or wall.

For more information on how we can customize glass display in your space, contact us.

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More Information

The Benefits of MetroClick Interactive Glass Display Solutions

It was a time in the past when users did not use to touch a computer screen for any reason. But the emergence of kiosks, smartphones and tablets has opened many opportunities for using interactive glass display solutions on a large scale. Everyone can see now the various potential benefits of touch screens and now even larger canvas take advantage of those benefits.

In the past few years, interactive glass displays have come a long way. The touch control’s key features remain but they have been enhanced and refined. The interactive environment is changed and controlled by both finger and pen inputs. Another feature of interactive glass displays solutions that becomes more common nowadays is gesture control. The ability to interact and change with what’s shown on the screen, by moving content, drawing and writing, allows a much more engaging and collaborative presentation experience that particularly suits the corporate and education sectors.

What is Possible with an Interactive Glass Display

The latest interactive technology enables multiple users working simultaneously on the same screen. A more intuitive and natural way of digital content interacting is allowed by multiple touch points. You can even browse the web or open documents without the need to touch your computer. The interactive displays of today are more than just simple screens with some multi-touch capabilities. When combined with the ability to connect via a mobile device and coming with pre-installed software apps, an interactive display become a powerful collaboration tool that can enable new ways of working with others and unlock productivity. With the latest interactive displays users can just simply start using them. When they detect someone’s presence, displays even automatically switch themselves on. Large displays can into peripherals for mobile devices.

What is interactive glass?

While maintaining the transparency of a standard glass panel, transparent touch screen glass LCD panels allow a powerful and complete digital output. This innovative technology can make your display window come to life through sleek, neat glass. The interactive glass display solutions can be used both for indoor and outdoor settings. An interactive glass or a see-through display is an electronic device that allows users to see through the glass while also seeing what is displayed on the glass screen. This technology has been incorporated into consumer products such as televisions, handheld devices, glass and building materials. These screens can be used for applications such as shopping displays, computer screens and augmented reality.

How Does an Interactive Glass Wall or Digital Glass Display Work?

Any surface can turn into a high definition touch interactive screen by using a thin film display screen that is only a few microns thick. Interactive projection foils and touch foil film can be activated from outside if is applied directly to the inside of the window. It also can also be applied onto a Plasma, LCD, or LED screen.

In fact, there are two major see-through display technologies, LED and LCD. The older one is the LCD technology. However, nowadays are become more widely available various types of OLED see-through displays. Both LED and LCD technologies are mainly derived from more conventional display systems. However, in displays with see-through capability the difference between the emissive nature of the OLED and the absorptive nature of the LCD gives them very different visual appearances. OLED systems impose on the background a glowing image pattern, while LCD systems impose on the background a pattern of colors and shading.

Why use Interactive Glass Displays for Advertising or Marketing Purposes?

Any glass surface can be made interactive through this technology, whether it’s a tabletop, a refrigerator door or a storefront window. This touch screen glass technology can be implemented anywhere. While keeping any plain glass surface functional and fun, this tech can revolutionize them with a modern, visually appealing aesthetic.

When Interactive Glass Technology First Used?

Interactive glass technology has been around for almost two decades. However, only more recently, in 2012, the technology started to be incorporated into consumer products by companies such as MetroClick, Planar Systems, Samsung, and Taptl. The first see-through, touch-screen storefront in the world using interactive glass technology has been installed at the Kalevala Jewelry flagship store in Helsinki.

What interactive glass display solutions can do for your business?

Customers can tap through your promotions, products and store’s directories, with interactive touch screen glass. Even when there is no one inside your store, the interactive glass display solutions can allow you to engage your customers. You can transform and glass tabletop into an app or computer, with the interactive glass surfaces. Users can view catalogues, place orders, or check inventory on your table. Your business can take advantage of various interactive solutions, including interactive glass display, interactive glass and interactive walls. Interactive glass technology provides a unique way for any business to communicate with their customers using the business frontage or the shop window. Customers in the street can make choices regarding services and products by interacting with the data displayed through the glass, thanks to this incredible system. This means that your shop can now always stay open 24/7.

Display touch technology is available in kiosk, overlay and screen options that are ideally suited for a many applications. Multi touch technology inspires learning, interaction and feedback, engaging your audience. The current generation of interactive glass display solutions offers pinpoint accuracy and unrivaled speed.

MetroClick Manufactures Transparent Interactive Glass Touch Screen Solutions

Transparent touch screens can make 24/7 application solutions for integration and shop fitting. For business owners who are looking for an engaging and compelling solution going beyond the traditional touch display, the perfect answer can be a transparent touch display. These display solutions bring together two innovative technologies in order to create a cutting edge screen that simply cannot be ignored.

The transparent LCD screens deliver 4K and HD images just like any other standard professional screen. However, the main difference consists in the fact that the screen substrate is clear. Black pixels appear opaque, while white pixels appear fully transparent. The full range of RGB colors has semi-transparent properties. These characteristics can be used with the content you design in order to achieve great creative effect. Infrared multi-touch frames can be added to the transparent LCD screens in order to allow viewers to interact with the content on display. The result is a transparent touch screen that will greatly engage and attract your audience.

Make Any Glass Surface Fully Interactive With Our Digitized Glass Technology

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