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Have a unique look you’re looking for a kiosk manufacturer to create? Don’t want to ruin the aesthetic or vibe of your environment? Let us design and build you something that will enhance your space while not taking away from the desired experience.

Any screen size, any shape or any encasement, we pride ourselves on the ability to manufacture built-to-spec hardware that gives our customer’s the maximum amount of customization to bring their visions to reality.


We offer the ability to customize the following:

 Size of display

Casing Material & Design


Indoor / Outdoor

We also offer the following add-on design & options:


If there is something, even more,  specialty you are looking to produce with the functionality of a kiosk, please contact us and one of our account specialists will personally assist you. We can add photo booth functionality, digital signage solutions, and interactive video features.

DSLR Camera

Video Camera

Charging station

Beacon technology



Vinyl Branding

Vinyl Wrap

A custom kiosk can be used in the following settings

MetroClick Custom Kiosks are available in the following sizes

21.5" Touch Kiosk

32" Touch Kiosk

43" Touch Kiosk

55" Touch Kiosk

More Information

How A Custom Kiosk Design By MetroClick Will Revolutionize Your Business


Customize kiosks are self-standing enclosures or booths that can be used to deliver products, supplies, and information to the customers. In these days, kiosks are common in almost all public places, including shopping centers, parking areas, malls, libraries, bus stands, railway stations, airports, and hotels.




Use of kiosk


The customized kiosks are mainly used to provide tickets, food items, and up-to-date free public information. There are various types of kiosks, ranging from small street-side booths that sell cigarettes and newspapers to the modern high-tech interactive kiosks and multimedia internet kiosks.


The kiosks are used by many businesses, such as hospitals, banks, hotels, airline industry, shopping malls, entertainment businesses, and information centers. Many kiosk providers now offer custom kiosk systems to suit the individual needs and requirements of different business establishments.




The hardware inside a Kiosk


The interactive kiosks usually consist of a CPU, a touch screen, a printer, and stereo speakers. There are several manufacturing companies that produce a wide array of custom-made kiosks. These companies design and build tailor-made booths for those who want to have innovative and unique kiosks in order to promote their services.


Mostly, these companies have an army of expert and experienced in-house software developers, consultants, and developers to design and manufacture customized kiosks. They use the most up-to-date technologies to produce the best quality kiosk as per the requirements of their customers.




Four stages of Manufacturing a Custom Kiosk


There are mainly four stages in manufacturing a customized kiosk.




1st phase – requirements of business


The first step in manufacturing tailor-made kiosks is to assess and recognize the specific business and application requirements of the customer. Typically, a company professional will help the customers in identifying the potential requirements and also in developing a suitable design for their kiosks.




2nd phase – customized design


After deciding on the specifications for the kiosk, the next step is to customize the design based on the criteria for the business. Both the kiosk manufacturing company and the customer should work together to create a design that impeccably suits the budget, requirements, and intentions of the customer. After the customer accepts the prototype. the company starts to manufacture a prototype.




3rd phase – manufacturing


Once the prototype is successfully complete and the customer is satisfied with it, the next phase is the production of the custom kiosk. For most manufacturing companies, the production of the kiosk is normally supervised and controlled by an expert team consisting of a production manager and a quality assurance professional.


A well-designed kiosk can draw in customers or visitors by providing them with information or help. For example, kiosks at movie theaters can help customers avoid standing in long queues by browsing through and locating show timings or seat availability. In museums, interactive kiosks help visitors get detailed information about a particular subject without having to depend on a guide.




MetroClick is one of the best custom kiosk manufacturers for multi-use kiosk applications


Kiosk designs should be attractive as well as easy to use. In most cases, ease of use implies a touch screen kiosk and there are several manufacturers who offer to custom make these kiosks for customers. However, it is important to look at experience and expertise rather than prices before selecting a kiosk design company.


The internet provides reviews of kiosk designs from various companies. There are two types of reviews, the first that companies put on their site quoting happy customers. While this is a good indicator, it is also wise to look at neutral review sites to get feedback in terms of positive and negative experiences.


Another indication of a company that makes good kiosks is its clientele. If a manufacturer lists leading companies, government or public service organizations as his clients, then you can be sure that the quality of his kiosks is of a high standard. Another point to look at is types of designs and also if they undertake custom kiosks designs. You also need to verify whether the company handles both hardware and software for the kiosks as you do not want to be liaising between two different companies to get a kiosk up and running.


Before finalizing kiosk designs, you need to keep in mind that the kiosks are a long-term investment that should function for several years to provide help or information to the end users. Therefore, rather than going with the company that gives you the lowest quotation, choose a company that has a good reputation, years of experience, expertise in software and hardware, as well as the flexibility of customizing your kiosk.


A custom kiosk manufacturing company will help you to create a kiosk design and then will manufacture a custom-designed interactive kiosk to suit your business needs. Mostly, these companies have the services of many expert professionals, including software engineers, developers, and analysts, who can design and build a wide variety of best quality kiosks.




As Custom Kiosk Designers, MetroClick Can Transform Your Client Engagements


If you want to install a custom kiosk to promote the sales of your products or to provide information to your customers, the initial thing you should do is to select a kiosk company that listens to and understands your business requirements.. Typically, there are many steps involved in the designing and production of customized-made kiosks.




Design Criteria Development: The first step in the procedure of manufacturing a custom-made kiosk is to recognize the specific requirement and needs of customer’s business and create a kiosk design according to the customer’s specifications. Mostly, the company professional will work along with the customers to determine a suitable design for their kiosk. Once all the necessary requirements are identified, the company develops design criteria for the kiosk. Usually, the design criteria comprise all the important aspects of manufacturing kiosks, including budget, required components, the time schedule for the project, installation procedures, and other important factors related to kiosk design..




Select The Components: The next task is to choose the required components of the kiosk and make sure the compatibility of these components with the customer’s software application.




Mechanical Drawing of the Kiosk: If the customer approves the component selection, the company can move to the next phase in the production of a custom kiosk. In this stage, the company creates a mechanical drawing of the kiosk to show the exact placement of the components. Usually, several drawings are created and reviewed in order to make necessary changes and find out the most suitable kiosk design.




Prototype Testing: After the customer gives approval to the final mechanical design, the company proceeds to produce a prototype of the kiosk. If the customer is satisfied with the prototype, the company begins the manufacture of the custom kiosk.


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