Showcase your product suite.

Digital MAGIC Mirror 

by MetroClick

MetroClick’s magic mirror solutions is designed to help retailers showcase their product suite, bringing brand awareness to customers, and increasing in-store engagement.

While standard digital mirror solutions are offered in 27″, 32″ 43″, 55″, 65″ sizes, MetroClick provides custom sizes for your digital mirror to meet any needs your business may have. With the introduction of the magic mirror, our clients have seen pronounced customer engagement, retention, and dollar value of sales.

Digital Mirror Usage for RETAIL

metroclick GLASS 3 REI GORGEOUS transparent touchscreen glass display

Small format illuminated mirror

Ideal for hospitality, spas, and cosmetic applications:
Small format illuminated mirrors with touch displays allowing users to view product and service offerings in an interactive capacity.

Allow shoppers to view themselves in tandem with product offerings for increased product awareness and customer retention.

Touchscreen MIRROR

The Magic Mirrors are ideal for fashion, apparel, and accessory applications: Allow potential clients to try out in store products while providing them the ability to view a full suite of product variations, colors, styles, and sizes.

Benefits include increase brand and product awareness and increased customer engagement.

Mirror Kiosks

Our kiosks provide a great addition for event merchandising, retail as well as in-store solutions.

The Smart Mirror kiosk enables clients view themselves wearing in-store goods while allowing them to view complete online merchandise catalog. The MetroClick Smart Mirror is great for pop up exhibitions or permanent installations.

Touch Screen Digital magic Mirror
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