When you have one chance to make an impression, make it larger than life.

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Immersive Interactive Video
Wall Experiences



MetroClick’s Larger than Life display offers multi-touch options on your wall, allowing multiple users to interact with the interactive video wall screen at one time, avoiding lines or having to take turns engaging with your products or services.

We program multiple touch screens to display different content that function in synchronization with each other.


MetroClick’s remote-control content management platform, as seen above, is utilized in a variety of settings that give the user the ability to control on-screen content through a tablet or portable device.

For any presentation, sales office or conference center – this ability allows you to have complete control over your content to help guide your customer through your discussion.

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TOUCH SCREEN WALL DISPLAY that Captivate Clients

The functionality and interactivity of our video wall displays engross, excite, and engage your room, rendering an unforgettable business or event experience.

Not only will patrons be mesmerized by the display, but our wall monitors can be custom built to meet and size and decor needed.

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MetroClick works with many devices and platforms to build
interactive controls for Video Walls.

LCD video wall manufacturers in the USA

If you are looking to create an interactive and engaging way for your customers to engage with a large touch screen display – we can help.

MetroClick has developed a remote-control software for iOS, Android and Windows based devices to provide the user the ability to control, in real-time, content on the large format display and/or video wall.

This interactive glass display solution is ideal for presentations, conference centers, stadium/arena fan engagement and social media marketing. For additional information, please contact us.

More Information

The Marketing Power of Our Interactive Video Wall Solutions

In the world of media and content streaming via servers from all parts of the globe, having a means of getting to actually interact with the data on a personal basis means the difference between a campaign being successful or otherwise.


Interactive wall displays can often be a perfect way of getting your brand out there and with all the necessary exposure that it would need to get to where it needs to be.

As a growing brand, your content will tend to be mostly about what your business does, the things that they have been able to come up with so far, and what else is in the pipeline for the people that are expected to be actively interacting and engaging with your brand in the form of questions.

These are the very same interactions which are able to get people more willing to provide sincere answers and their replies at times are useful for the company that seeks to move ahead and makes inroads into the industry sector where they hold most potential.


Why Use a Digital Video Wall System?

Several reasons exist for you to want to hold an ad campaign through interactive advertising displays rather than still media. First and foremost is that you cannot limit the far someone is able and willing to go to in order to reach the information they need.

Second, there is absolutely no way someone, be it an individual or a brand, would not want to take advantage of the resources that are at their disposal and in events such as displays, showcases and even demonstrations of productions and unveiling of new concepts, such displays serve as a means of attracting an audience that will get to ask questions, get the necessary information such as links and contacts, and a promotional product in case there is any.

All these processes mean that your brand will be in good taste with the audience and you will be able to get them the messages that are in line with your strategy as a business.

MetroClick Provides The Best Video Wall Rental Solutions For Your Organizations Needs

Change, for a business, is in most cases not only necessary but also paramount seeing that there will be no real change without the commitment to see one thing achieved or growth seen in one way or the other.

As your business goes about on interactions with their audience, and in the process of promoting new products, services, growing ideas on platforms like kiosks, digital signs or photobooth. and a base to scale up upon, there is always the chance that you will get all your attendants to see the much that you have done and what you are seeking to reach out for next.

This will additionally see to it that your business evolves by leaps and bounds and also takes care of all the challenges that could be preventing them from getting what they would like to have in their business. A business is only able to expand if it has an audience that it can convince and showcase a product or even a service offering in the best way possible.


The Benefits

Events and promotional engagements in the public domain are often a good way of getting people to become interested in your business and what you offer for their daily use. During such undertakings, you will notice that people will be looking for content to get them familiar with what your business provides for them and with interactive wall displays, your showcase of skill and talents will be at an optimum.

People also get more interested in what you have to offer when there are clear details about it right before them and maybe even a demonstration of the product in some other corner as well as a means of getting them more interested in the service by probably signing up to receive new notifications through social media outlets.

During events where a demonstration of a digital project, as an instance needs to be undertaken, the only means of getting more people to see the data that you are outlining before them is a display as big as the data itself.

Wall displays can display an entirely connected cloud of data and as a professional courtesy, this will be a great way of getting them to really see for themselves, in a clear way the kind of work and products that you are capable of as well as how well versed you are in the work that you are doing. The results of things such as exhibits are often greater or increased public anticipation, something that can often be tapped upon to realize greater response from the crowd and engagement on a scale that will completely blow you out.

Even when you are showcasing or revealing a brand new product that is set to change the way in which things are carried out, having a means of public engagement and interaction often proves beneficial and as you go about giving your audience the kind of experience they have been looking up to, what better way to do this than using a big display that will make people want to see your project and interact more closely with the reality of the data you have put before them.

A product launch could actually benefit from having a huge display as this will draw attention but avoid instances of overcrowding in the place that the event is being held. The audience will be able to see what you are posting up on the wall much clearer when you have underlying data to hold up your facts, something we clearly need to promote as brands for greater public responses and better working environments.


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In the end, whether or not you have achieved the intended effect of your work in showcasing a new product or revealing something revolutionary, having a means of large wall display is the best way of getting the audience to see for themselves.

In some cases, including contact information such as social media platforms proves to be a powerful way to increase engagement and get insights on a scale that had never been anticipated before.

As the adage goes, what is good is clear to be seen and can be proudly put out in the open.

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