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When you have one chance to make an impression, make it larger than life.

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Immersive Interactive Video
Wall Experiences

MetroClick’s Custom Video Wall Capabilities

Cutting Edge Touch Screen Video Wall Display Technology

MetroClick’s Larger than Life display offers multi-touch options on your wall, allowing multiple users to interact with the interactive video wall screen at one time, avoiding lines or having to take turns engaging with your products or services.

We program multiple touch screens to display different content that function in synchronization with each other.

Interactive Wall Displays with Remote Control, WIFI & Bluetooth Functionality

MetroClick’s remote-control content management platform, as seen above, is utilized in a variety of settings that give the user the ability to control on-screen content through a tablet or portable device.

For any presentation, sales office or conference center – this ability allows you to have complete control over your content to help guide your customer through your discussion.

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Invest in A Touch Screen Video Wall Display that Captivate Clients

The functionality and interactivity of our video wall displays engross, excite, and engage your room, rendering an unforgettable business or event experience.

Not only will patrons be mesmerized by the display, but our wall monitors can be custom built to meet and size and decor needed.

MetroClick works with many devices and platforms to build
interactive controls for Video Walls.

MetroClick is one of the Leading LCD Video Wall Manufacturers Located in New York

If you are looking to create an interactive and engaging way for your customers to engage with a large touch screen display – we can help.

MetroClick has developed a remote-control software for iOS, Android and Windows based devices to provide the user the ability to control, in real-time, content on the large format display and/or video wall.

This interactive glass display solution is ideal for presentations, conference centers, stadium/arena fan engagement and social media marketing. For additional information, please contact us.

More Information

Experience the Marketing Impact of Our Interactive Video Wall Solutions

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, engaging your audience with immersive and interactive content is crucial for success. Video walls offer a powerful solution for brands seeking to captivate their audience and gain essential exposure.

Elevate your marketing strategy with our state-of-the-art video walls, which allow users to connect and engage with your brand on a personal level. As your brand grows, our video wall solutions can adapt to showcase your achievements, innovations, and future plans, encouraging active audience interaction.

Our video walls empower your audience to ask questions, provide valuable feedback, and share their thoughts. These genuine interactions help your business stay ahead, forge new paths, and capitalize on your industry’s potential.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your brand’s reach and impact. Experience the power of our video walls today! Get in touch with our video wall experts and let’s create a memorable experience for your audience. Act now and transform your marketing campaigns with our cutting-edge video wall solutions.


Discover the Advantages of Digital Video Wall Systems for Your Advertising Campaigns

Numerous benefits arise from choosing digital video walls over static media for your advertising campaigns. Embrace the power of interactive advertising displays like video walls to unlock your brand’s full potential.

Firstly, video walls eliminate boundaries, allowing your audience to access the information they seek effortlessly. Secondly, savvy individuals and brands know the importance of leveraging available resources. Video walls excel in events such as product displays, showcases, demonstrations, and new concept launches, captivating audiences and encouraging engagement.

By using digital video walls, your audience can easily ask questions, access essential information like links and contacts, and even obtain promotional products. This immersive experience leaves a positive impression of your brand and helps deliver messages aligned with your business strategy.

Don’t let your brand miss out on the incredible benefits of digital video walls. Get in touch with our team today and transform your advertising campaigns with our innovative video wall solutions. Act now and witness the remarkable impact of video walls on your brand’s success.


MetroClick’s Premier Video Wall Rental Solutions Elevate Your Organization’s Success

Embrace change and propel your business forward with MetroClick’s top-of-the-line video wall rental solutions, specifically tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

As your business strives for growth, effective audience engagement is key to promoting new products, services, and ideas across various platforms like kiosks, digital signs or photobooths. Our high-quality video walls provide the perfect stage for showcasing your achievements and future goals to your audience.

By choosing MetroClick’s video wall solutions, your organization will not only overcome potential challenges but also experience significant growth and development. Captivate your audience, present your products or services in the most impressive manner, and pave the way for expansion with our innovative video wall technology.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your brand and engage your audience. Contact MetroClick today and experience the unparalleled impact of our video wall rental solutions. Take action now and transform your organization’s success with our cutting-edge video walls.

The Benefits Having a Custom Video Wall for Your Business

Events and promotional engagements in the public domain are often a good way of getting people to become interested in your business and what you offer for their daily use. During such undertakings, you will notice that people will be looking for content to get them familiar with what your business provides for them and with interactive video wall displays, your showcase of skill and talents will be at an optimum.

People also get more interested in what you have to offer when there are clear details about it right before them and maybe even a demonstration of the product in some other corner as well as a means of getting them more interested in the service by probably signing up to receive new notifications through social media outlets.

During events where a demonstration of a digital project, as an instance needs to be undertaken, the only means of getting more people to see the data that you are outlining before them is a display as big as the data itself.

Wall displays can display an entirely connected cloud of data and as a professional courtesy, this will be a great way of getting them to really see for themselves, in a clear way the kind of work and products that you are capable of as well as how well versed you are in the work that you are doing. The results of things such as exhibits are often greater or increased public anticipation, something that can often be tapped upon to realize greater response from the crowd and engagement on a scale that will completely blow you out.

Even when you are showcasing or revealing a brand new product that is set to change the way in which things are carried out, having a means of public engagement and interaction often proves beneficial and as you go about giving your audience the kind of experience they have been looking up to, what better way to do this than using a big display that will make people want to see your project and interact more closely with the reality of the data you have put before them.

A product launch could actually benefit from having a huge video wall display as this will draw attention but avoid instances of overcrowding in the place that the event is being held. The audience will be able to see what you are posting up on the wall much clearer when you have underlying data to hold up your facts, something we clearly need to promote as brands for greater public responses and better working environments.


Interactive Video Walls Boost Brand Awareness and Increase Customer Loyalty

The video wall industry is booming as more businesses and government agencies realize the value of technology. These organizations are using video walls to display real-time data and information, allowing them to make smarter decisions.

A video wall is a great way to deliver a message to employees, audiences or customers with high impact. This is especially true in corporate lobbies, breakrooms and control rooms.

Increase Revenues using Video Wall Systems

For many organizations, the video wall is a way to showcase their products and services. It also enables companies to make announcements or share important updates.

This is especially true in the transportation sector, where bus and train stations, airports, and other important hubs use video walls to deliver ads about travel times, vessels, and other related information. It also helps emergency centers communicate critical messages like evacuations and fire drills to their audiences in real-time.

Moreover, interactive displays have become popular among healthcare facilities as they provide an enhanced experience for patients who are visually impaired or blind. These screens help reduce waiting time by displaying medical records for different departments in one single window. In addition, they increase patient satisfaction by offering the ability to interact with their doctors through these displays.

As a result, the industry has been witnessing a high demand for high-resolution video walls that offer an immersive user experience. This increase in the use of these displays is anticipated to drive the global interactive LCD video wall market during the forecast period.

Another important factor driving the growth of this market is the increasing demand for touch screen display technology. This technology allows users to interact with the displays by scrolling, dragging and zooming in.

This makes them more intuitive for customers and presenters to navigate, which increases the likelihood of positive brand experiences. Additionally, it ensures that ad campaigns are delivered to the right audience and don’t fall off of the wall, creating a more effective and efficient advertising campaign.

In addition to providing a more engaging experience, interactive video walls can also boost the revenues of businesses. This is because they can be used to promote sales, display advertising content, showcase photos, and much more.

For example, a retail company can use its video wall to display new and deeply discounted items to encourage customers to purchase their goods. Similarly, an entertainment venue can use it to promote movies and concerts.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why the interactive video wall market is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. The rising demand for these displays will create opportunities for manufacturers to launch innovative products that captivate the customer’s attention.


Increase Brand Awareness with a Video Wall

Whether your business is in retail, healthcare, auto repair or anything else, video walls are an excellent way to boost brand awareness. It can even help you to increase customer loyalty and repeat business.

When you have a big screen that is easily readable, people will be able to get a better sense of your company’s values and mission statement. You can use a variety of different video wall display styles and designs to do this, and a professional digital marketing company can help you create the best possible design for your needs.

Interactive video walls are a fantastic way to build your brand and make a lasting impression on your customers. They also offer a lot of creative options and can be used in many different ways to promote your business.

They can be arranged in artistic mosaic-style designs or displayed separately in a single row to convey messages and information. These are especially helpful in locations where you want to draw attention to your brand without being obnoxious or overtly sales-oriented.

You can also include wayfinding directions, weather forecasts, traffic updates and more in your branded content to increase brand awareness. This way, anyone who passes by will know that you are the source of this information and can choose to visit your business in the future.

A good digital signage company can provide you with all the advice and support that you need to get started in a way that is affordable and will work for your business. They will also be able to provide you with all the tools that you need to ensure your digital signage is running efficiently and effectively, so you can achieve the maximum ROI for your video wall.

In addition to being a great marketing tool, interactive video walls can also serve as a great learning tool for your employees. They can show them new content and help them learn the ins and outs of your business and how it operates, making them a vital part of your staff’s education. This can increase employee morale and productivity, and it can also improve the overall experience of your employees.


Increase Engagement by Investing in Large Video Wall Solutions

In this technological era, customers and employees expect engaging interactions. Hence, video walls are rapidly becoming popular in various settings, from museums to office lobbies and waiting rooms.

Interactive video walls have a positive impact on customer engagement and employee productivity. They are widely used to enhance brand awareness and provide information about various products and services. The technology also allows businesses to display new daily content on digital signage screens without having to replace the signs, thereby reducing their maintenance costs.

Unlike displays that offer only one-way communication, interactive video walls allow users to manipulate content by zooming, scrolling and dragging. This makes it a compelling option for organizations looking to engage their audience and encourage them to take action.

These walls are an ideal solution for museums, where visitors can explore their collections from different angles. In addition, the large displays and multitouch capabilities of these walls make them an excellent choice for retail environments where customers can browse and compare the product offerings.

Another benefit of these walls is that they are easily integrated with other technologies, including audio-visual systems. This makes them a versatile and affordable solution that can be used to increase customer satisfaction.

To create an effective interactive wall, you need to use the highest quality content. This is important because it will ensure that viewers can see all of the images and information clearly. It is also important to use a software that is hardware-agnostic, meaning that it can adapt to the size of the video wall being installed.

You can also add interactivity to your video wall by using a touch screen or an application on a mobile device that will augment the displayed content. This can be a great way to keep your event attendees engaged and help your presentation stand out from the competition.

The success of any type of business depends on its ability to attract and retain customers. The best way to do this is through innovative strategies and creative solutions that will set your company apart from the rest. In order to achieve this, you must invest in modern and eye-catching video wall technology that will significantly increase your brand engagement and enhance your ROI.


Increase Customer Satisfaction with our Full Sized Wall Video Technology

Video walls are a great way to enhance the customer experience in any type of business. Whether you’re in a restaurant, a mall or a factory, they can make an impressive first impression on customers and encourage them to return for more. They can also be used to display information about discounts and promotions, which helps drive sales.

The content you use to show on your interactive video wall should be tailored to the layout and the space you have available. This will influence what kind of screen technology you choose, the resolution, and how the displays are arranged on the wall.

For example, if you’re displaying product images on your video wall, it may be wise to run the image at an aspect ratio that looks good from all angles. This can help avoid jarring edges that might distract your audience or make it harder for them to navigate the content.

Similarly, if you’re displaying maps or other graphics, it might be important to create the images at an aspect ratio that’s easy to read from both sides of the display. It’s a simple tip that can save you time and money, and make it easier for your audience to understand the content you’re displaying on the video wall.

In addition to touch, video walls can be used to let users speak, scan, take pictures, and feel texture through haptic touch technology. This allows people to feel a sense of ownership over the content they are viewing and it can help them remember what they saw, even when they’re not in front of the display.

The interactive video wall market is a growing industry due to the demand for high-resolution multi-touch displays, which are used in conference rooms and restaurants as menu boards. It has also been gaining popularity because it provides a more immersive user experience with its ability to display real-time data and personalized messages to customers.

Better Brand Your Business With Interactive Video Wall Solutions

As touchscreen technology becomes more commonplace, businesses require more interactive and immersive display solutions to engage customers and boost sales. Video walls offer the ideal solution for this.

North America is expected to be a major market for interactive video wall technology due to its established infrastructure and abundance of public places that could accommodate installation.


A Video Wall an Experiential Marketing Tool

Are you searching for a way to promote your business and brand it effectively, an interactive video wall solution could be just what you need. It allows you to display relevant content that draws in customers, boosts sales, and enhances the image of your brand.

When it comes to interactive video walls, customers are seeking creative ways to use them. They desire artistic layouts, immersive experiences, dynamic content switching and more for their viewing pleasure.

Experiential marketing is the ideal solution to combat dull campaigns and it works great with video walls too. Not only that, but it can also get people excited about your brand which in turn helps build long-lasting relationships with customers and boost sales.

Before you can launch an experiential campaign for your business, it is essential to define what constitutes “experiential marketing”. Experiential marketing should be part of a comprehensive marketing plan and not simply momentary events such as pop-ups.

Additionally, your campaign should have specific goals that can be measured to guarantee its success. For instance, if you’re creating an event for dating app Bumble, your objective should be to inform potential users about its features and benefits.

Measuring goals should be straightforward. Keep track of attendance, sales figures and social media shares to determine whether your efforts were worthwhile.

A large-scale interactive video wall with several touchpoints on a single display is perfect for various applications, such as presentations, conferences, and sales offices. Multi-touch functionality on your screen eliminates long queues and gives you complete control over your content right at your fingertips.

The worldwide interactive video wall market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 10.1% during the forecast period. This increase is due to the rising adoption of these walls in commercial spaces like retail shops, healthcare facilities, eateries, and museums.

When creating an interactive video wall, be sure to include optimized H3 headers for text breaks to maintain readers’ attention on your content. Although these tags may not be as prevalent as H2s, they are crucial for the proper flow of your material and essential for search engines to recognize.


Oversized Video Walls Offer a Competitive Edge

An interactive video wall solution can help you achieve your business branding goals and offer a competitive advantage. It not only attracts new customers but also enhances your company’s reputation within the community.

Firstly, it allows you to present a wide variety of content across multiple screens without the need to reposition them. As a result, you can modify your message and information frequently, targeting audiences with pertinent messages at any given moment.

Secondly, interactive video walls enable you to exhibit an extensive amount of data across numerous displays, offering your visitors and potential clients an engaging experience. You can utilize your interactive video wall to provide information about products or services, highlight your team’s accomplishments, and more.

Another benefit of a video wall is its customizability, allowing you to create a design that best represents your brand. You can craft custom shapes for the wall and modify the content displayed on it as well.

You can add a touch overlay to the video wall, making it simpler for viewers to interact with your content. However, keep in mind that some may find this overbearing; if so, consider installing a smaller touchscreen screen in front of the larger one.

Finally, an interactive video wall can also help you manage your employees’ morale more effectively. It will increase their productivity and make them feel more engaged with their work.

Before selecting an interactive video wall solution for your business, it is essential to perform a needs assessment. This will determine the size, scope, content, application and use of your new video wall system; ultimately enabling you to identify which system best meets your requirements and ensure its efficiency.


Video Wall Marketing Tools

When branding your business, an interactive video wall is the ideal solution. Not only does it effectively communicate important information to potential clients and boost visibility, it can also enhance event or trade show displays for added impact and conversions.

The initial step to creating an interactive video wall solution is defining your business goals and how it will benefit the end-user. This will determine whether touch screens should be included or not, how the wall will be utilized, and what types of content will be shown.

For instance, a large, high-resolution video wall can be utilized to showcase new products and services in retail spaces. When salespeople need to highlight a particular item, they simply use their tablet or smartphone to adjust the content on the video wall in real time.

A public safety command center could benefit from an interactive video wall to improve response times and reduce crime reports. Instead of relying on manual communication, these walls enable police officers to share and process information collected from cameras and gunshot detection devices in real-time.

When designing an interactive video wall, another factor to consider is user accessibility. This is especially pertinent in presentations or other settings where multiple people need to be able to control the interface simultaneously.

To achieve this, implement an Application Programming Interface (API) that permits users to access the video wall system through software applications. Doing so will guarantee a seamless experience and prevent any potential glitches.

Businesses are increasingly turning to interactive video walls to display their products and services. This is because many prospective customers prefer learning about products before making a purchasing decision, making these displays an effective way of engaging them.

Ultimately, an interactive video wall solution can be an excellent marketing tool for any business. It may increase conversions, draw more attention to your brand and boost revenue overall. However, it’s essential that you do your due diligence before implementing such a system in your establishment.


It’s a Visual Marketing Tool that Is Memorable

An interactive video wall solution can help businesses showcase their brand in a distinctive, captivating manner. Unlike traditional signage screens that simply show videos, interactive video walls utilize direct view technology to project an impressively detailed image on a large screen with high-resolution detail.

For instance, casinos can utilize an interactive video wall to showcase the latest promotions and special events taking place at their establishment. This provides patrons with a more personalized experience, boosts engagement levels, which in turn improves customer retention and profits.

Video walls offer customers a chance to view photos of products, services and attractions which can boost sales and foster brand loyalty. These large digital displays can be strategically placed around your facility so customers are constantly exposed to your branding message while enjoying their time in your space.

Moreover, video walls can be utilized as a teaching tool to inform audiences on various topics like health and wellness, science, history, culture and more. This makes video walls an ideal option for museums, educational institutes, planetariums and other organizations that need to convey important information in an engaging manner.

Many businesses find the answer to their marketing problems in interactive video wall solutions. These enable staff members to adjust the content and layout on a video wall remotely via smart phone or tablet, changing it in real-time based on presets that an administrator can set up. This saves valuable staff time while making the process more efficient for the business as a whole.



Contact MetroClick to Buy a Video Wall Solution

In the end, whether or not you have achieved the intended effect of your work in showcasing a new product or revealing something revolutionary, having a means of large wall display is the best way of getting the audience to see for themselves.

In some cases, including contact information such as social media platforms proves to be a powerful way to increase engagement and get insights on a scale that had never been anticipated before.

As the adage goes, what is good is clear to be seen and can be proudly put out in the open.


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