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The Secure Kiosk Content Management System

MetroClick Manager

MetroClick Content Manager is an all-in-one content management and distribution system for our kiosks series. The system distributes web-based content or native kiosk applications reliably and securely to public self-service kiosks.


By utilizing the MetroClick Manager platform, the user is able to push, control, and manipulate the content on a singular device, to a group of multiple devices, or to the entire system through our web-based GUI.

The system is capable of numerous system integrations such as POS or payment.  

Manager Overview

  • Configure and manage all of your displays from a single, client-specific, secure web-portal. This ensures that your digital network is secure and scalable to meet your needs.
  • MetroClick Manager (MCM) allows you to easily group and assign your devices to manage everything from your entire signage portfolio to store specific signage to each individual display. This allows you to easily segment and specify content across your entire network.
  • Up-to-the-minute reporting accessible through the MCM dashboard allows you to have the tools necessary to monitor the health and status of your network.
  • Manage your organization through our user administration console. Through the use of business rules and tiered levels of user access, you have the ability with MCM to tailor your system to your organization.

Content Manager

    • Pull from our suite of application templates. From building directories you photobooths, these applications can be customized to match your organizations needs.


  • Publish and run authenticated HTML content securely.
  • Schedule your content to run in advance or on demand.

Media Management Console

Upload your assets, create playlists and target your displays.

  • Upload – Quickly upload images and videos to your account.
  • Create – Simple tools to create and manage your playslists and ensure your content is compatible with the resolution of your display(s).
  • Publish – Effortlessly push your playlists where they need to go with full perspective of the devices under your control.

Supported Formats:
Video – mp4, webM Image – PNG, JPEG Dynamic – HTML5

Software Tiers

*MetroClick also offers camera analytics integration to any of the above tiers to which enable real-time audience analytics via camera, face, and context-responsive campaigns for empowering personalized interactive experiences.

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