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MetroClick touch screen kiosk and large touchscreen monitor offer cutting-edge retail and touchscreen technology. Our devices enable you to keep up with the increasing demand for self-service and dynamic real-time content.

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Modern, Intuitive, Customizable


Modern, Intuitive, Customizable


Sleek, Interactive, Weather-Resistant

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Portable, Eye-Catching, Versatile

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Sleek, Interactive, Weather-Resistant

outdoor kiosk

Portable, Eye-Catching, Versatile

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Large, Immersive,

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Compact, Efficient,

small format kiosk

Large, Immersive,

landscape kiosk

Compact, Efficient,

small format kiosk

MetroClick Is One Of The Leading US Information Kiosk Manufacturers

MetroClick information kiosks offer cutting edge retail kiosk and event kiosk technology, allowing your business to keep up with the increased demand for self-service and accurate information.

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MetroClick is a Information Kiosks Manufacturer in the USA
that Creates Eye-Catching Kiosks

Have a unique look you’re looking for a kiosk manufacturer to create? As experts in crafting bespoke information kiosk hardware, we cater to a wide range of kiosk screen sizes, shapes, and custom casings. Our dedication to delivering unparalleled information kiosk personalization allows us to bring your marketing and branding ideas to life!

Unlock the Potential of MetroClick’s Kiosk Information Systems to Increase Revenues & Customer Experiences


MetroClick’s bespoke kiosk design services can improve customer experiences, optimize operations, and facilitate transactions. Enable your customers to autonomously navigate products, submit orders, handle transactions, and obtain crucial information, allowing your employees to concentrate on vital responsibilities. Our adaptable information kiosk solutions are meticulously customized to suit your business’s distinct needs, with our proficient team providing continuous assistance for smooth integration and achievement.

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MetroClick is a Leading  Information Kiosk Company that will Make your Business Stand Out


MetroClick, a leading information kiosk company, specializes in creating customized solutions to elevate your business and set it apart from competitors. By focusing on user experience and offering tailored self service kiosks, MetroClick ensures your customers enjoy exceptional service. Our expertise in information kiosk technology allows your business to streamline operations while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Nearly All Organizations Need Interactive Information Technology Kiosks

Where’s the nearest coffee shop? What time does the movie start? Is there a handicapped entrance? We all know that we could use a little help getting around from time to time, so let MetroClick help with our self service kiosks.


Info Kiosks with Intuitive and User-Friendly Designs

The MetroClick information kiosk is designed to be informative, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and fun!

Any content that is displayed on our self service kiosks can be easily taken with you on your phone to ensure that your patrons have the best experience possible while they are guests in your event space, business, trade show, retail store, restaurant, bar, or hotel.


Retail Information Kiosks Enhance Most Organizations Operations

MetroClick offers interactive retail kiosk design with cutting-edge event and retail technology, allowing you to keep up with increased demand for accurate data and self-service.

Our retail kiosk design engages customers by inviting them to interactively learn more about their services, products, that your business offers. Catering to the burgeoning demand for self-service, the range of custom kiosks from the company offer users with that ultimate consumer experience.


Features of our Digital Information Kiosks

You can use MetroClick kiosks for both indoor and outdoor use with great portability. The touchscreen models allow credit card processing, mobile payment integration, camera, scanner, photo printing, speakers, receipt printing, NFC, RIFD, unique QR codes, and many models come with face recognition software and built-in camera.

As touchscreen kiosk design is lightweight, so it is transportation friendly, and need just a power outlet and a Wi-Fi connection to operate, and you can easily take our self service kiosks anywhere.


Interactive Technology Combined with Touch Screen Information Kiosks

Thanks to the widespread use of various mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, most consumers around the world are used to some degree of interactivity in their day-to-day lives.

Whether it’s getting some data online or getting directions on GPS, this technology has become a vital part of their existence. It seems natural that our digital kiosks provide the interactivity that should always be parts of consumer overall shopping experience as well.


What are information kiosk systems and how do they work?

Digital kiosks are the machinery of choice when it comes to delivering data to the public through an automated system.

Even if you don’t know much about it, you have probably used digital kiosks more than you think.

You use information kiosks to find stuff, get directions, location a job situation or locate a house, or perform some online transaction, or even collect a cash in exchange of merchandise.

Interactive kiosk systems can be very hand and remove excessive human interaction issues. This permits better customer movement, and also allows companies to employ a lesser number of employees to manage their customer interactions. Using Interactive kiosk systems to fulfill customer service rolls means that customer can quickly get or find what they are interested in whilst employees can solely focus on their core duties. Today there is virtually no area where interactive kiosk solutions cannot be used for a much better customer satisfaction and cutting costs.


Technology and  software used in information kiosk design

The core technology used in interactive kiosks is basically the same that is used in most computers. They are mainly operated through a control unit and a separate touch-sensitive LCD monitor. To operate an interactive kiosk system, you need to touch the area on the screen to easily navigate the custom built-program. The touch screen operation of the interactive kiosk solution makes its functioning super simple and very user-friendly, as you just need to point and touch whatever you want to select or where you want to go.

A touch screen is actually a stand-alone device with touch screen interface. It consists of a touch screen monitor and looks exactly like a computer screen but with a touch functionality.

Advancement in technology in the past few years now allows many digital kiosk systems to that old mouse-and-keyboard layout in favor of swanky touch-screens. This allows even better use of these machines. So users of these self service kiosks no longer need to have any kind of computer knowledge to operate this system, which is good for people who don’t have any past computer use experience.

These self service kiosks require both software and hardware elements so make sure you find the kiosk manufacturers that offer a complete solution.

The self service kiosk which once used to be a high-end product meant only for top museums is however no more an high-end product and is being widely used to display information used by the masses. Information and wayfinding kiosk systems have become a commonplace in society and are now being installed and used in more and more locations such as public locations, educational institutions, and even businesses.

So self service kiosks are an invaluable component of today’s hi-tech age. The ability to repeatedly and efficiently convey data to patrons and employees, prospective customers and current clients is important to company and organizations ability to grow.


Why You Should Use Information Kiosks?

A large number of retail displays today have turned into  interactive kiosks. And it’s very easy to see why… Our interactive kiosks come with latest features such as computerized pressure sensors, motion-activated lighting, and touch screens, interactive kiosks offer many distinct advantages over traditional non interactive kiosk setups:


Information Kiosks command immediate attention

Interactive kiosk displays are eye-catching, and the best ever displays have that “wow” factor that stops even a reluctant shopper.


Information Kiosks engage customers

Interactive retail kiosks help to drive customer engagement, and according to a white paper published in 2014 Digital Signage Today, engagement helps build brand loyalty and customer confidence.

With active interaction with the display, an opportunity to interact with retailer and brand is simultaneously created, which keeps both at forefront of any customer’s mind. And, by actively interacting with the brands, customers get a specific experience that allows retailers to proactively build relationships with customers while improving sales.

When interactive retail display in question is digital touchscreen, retailers get the ability to convey customers the necessary information in the most appealing manner that doesn’t feel intrusive and overwhelming as a “pitch” from a sales associate might.


Information Kiosks help in creating in-store entertainment

According to past surveys, it is clear that 77 percent of women and 54 percent of men view shopping as a kind of entertainment.

Meanwhile, 71 percent of customers think that digital information kiosks are very entertaining, and 32 percent who view this type of interactive displays actually make a purchase.

For retailers, it’s very important to meet all customer expectations of shopping as an experience.

Interactive digital displays tend to be seen by many as a more “fun” than those static displays that were used since past many years. These new machines tend to delight and amaze customers and help businesses stand out and create a big mind share in the marketplace. Interactivity is increasingly being recognized as being able to boost the customer’s overall shopping experience and make it much more enjoyable.


Information Kiosks actually educate

Interactive displays can be great platforms with which to educate customers. Video screens can advise a customer on a product’s features and benefits or direct them to a sale, roving demonstration, or point of interest. This can be an effective means with which to inform the customer about a product or products so long as they don’t see it as a distraction or intrusion.

A great example of such a display is the Tide PODS Frame unit designed and developed for Procter & Gamble. This display has an integrated video screen that tells the shopper about the use and product performance.

By doing this, the display successfully engages the customer and educates them while merchandising the product (laundry soap).


Information Kiosks are very versatile

One of the most versatile points of sale solutions available today is interactive digital touchscreens. Retailers get the ability to frequently and immediately change any screen content with remote content management facility. No third-party technician is necessary.

The MetroClick’s designed units provide remote ability to update content and software, gather real-time data, monitor kiosk activity and also detect system problems.

Because of this customizable nature and easy flexibility interactive digital touchscreen displays are now becoming a commonplace.

Due to the benefits they offer, interactive kiosks of all kinds have the power to transform shopping from an errant to a memorable experience, and, as a result, are increasingly becoming an attractive option to retailers and brands alike.


Customization Options: How MetroClick’s Information Kiosks Can Be Tailored to Your Needs

MetroClick’s information kiosks offer exceptional customization options, catering to your unique business requirements and enhancing customer experiences. From screen sizes and enclosures to custom software solutions and user experience optimization, MetroClick delivers tailored kiosk solutions that streamline your operations.

Designing Your Ideal Kiosk

MetroClick’s information kiosks can be completely personalized to suit your unique requirements, providing your customers with an exceptional user experience. Our kiosk design options cater to diverse industries, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and education. By focusing on both functionality and aesthetics, we ensure that your custom kiosk blends seamlessly with its environment and effectively meets the specific needs of your business.


Information Kiosks with Adaptable Screen Sizes and Display Options

One of the critical aspects of customizing your information kiosk is selecting the ideal screen size and display option. MetroClick offers a wide range of screen sizes, from compact units to large-scale displays, catering to your specific requirements. Our high-resolution screens guarantee an engaging and interactive experience for your customers, while our various display options, including touchscreen and non-touchscreen, enable you to choose the best fit for your operations.


Information Kiosk Enclosure Customization for Enhanced Durability

The durability of your information kiosk is crucial to its longevity and ongoing performance. MetroClick’s customization options include a variety of enclosure materials, ensuring that your kiosk remains protected against external factors such as weather, vandalism, and general wear and tear. Select from materials like stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum, and high-quality plastics to create a robust, long-lasting solution tailored to your business environment.


Information Kiosks with Custom Software Solutions and Integrations

Your information kiosk is only as effective as the software that powers it. MetroClick’s custom software solutions offer an array of features, such as interactive directories, product catalogs, digital signage, and payment processing. Our skilled team works closely with you to develop a software solution that aligns with your business objectives and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.


Information Kiosks that Provide Accessibility and User Experience Optimization

Ensuring that your information kiosk is accessible to a diverse range of users is vital to its success. MetroClick’s customization options prioritize user experience, offering features such as ADA-compliant height, customizable on-screen text size, and multi-language support. By creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface, we enable customers to access information and services with ease, enhancing their overall experience.


Branding and Aesthetic Integration

A well-designed information kiosk should not only be functional but also visually appealing and consistent with your brand identity. MetroClick’s customization options allow you to incorporate your brand’s colors, logos, and other visual elements into the kiosk design. This cohesive appearance ensures that your information kiosk not only meets its functional objectives but also reinforces your brand identity and enhances your overall environment.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance

At MetroClick, we understand that the success of your information kiosk depends on reliable support and regular maintenance. Our team of experts is available to provide ongoing technical assistance, software updates, and hardware maintenance to ensure your kiosk remains operational and effective. With our comprehensive support, you can trust that your customized information kiosk will continue to serve your business’s needs for years to come.

MetroClick’s customizable information kiosks offer a wide range of options to ensure that your kiosk meets your unique business requirements. From adaptable screen sizes and durable enclosures to custom software solutions and user experience optimization, our team is dedicated to providing you with a tailored solution that enhances your customers’ experience and streamlines your operations.


Designing Information Kiosks with Intuitive and Accessible Interfaces

A well-designed information kiosk should prioritize user experience, ensuring that customers can access services and information with ease. By focusing on user-centric design principles, MetroClick’s information kiosks provide an intuitive and accessible interface that caters to a diverse range of users. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also encourages the adoption and utilization of the kiosk, ultimately streamlining your operations.


Simplified Navigation for Improved Usability

One of the key aspects of designing an information kiosk with an intuitive interface is simplified navigation. MetroClick’s kiosks feature clear, easy-to-understand menus and buttons, enabling users to quickly access the information or services they require. By minimizing the number of steps and interactions needed to complete a task, we reduce potential user frustration and improve overall usability.


High-Quality Visuals and Readability

To ensure that users can easily consume and understand the information displayed on a kiosk, MetroClick prioritizes high-quality visuals and readability. Our kiosks feature high-resolution screens and adjustable text sizes to cater to various user preferences and needs. Additionally, we carefully select fonts, colors, and visual elements to create a cohesive and visually appealing interface, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


Multi-Language Support for Diverse User Groups

An essential component of an accessible information kiosk is the ability to accommodate users who speak different languages. MetroClick’s kiosks offer multi-language support, allowing users to select their preferred language and navigate the kiosk with ease. By catering to diverse user groups, our kiosks ensure that all customers can access the information and services they need, regardless of their language proficiency.


Accessibility Features for Users with Disabilities

Inclusivity is a critical consideration when designing an information kiosk. MetroClick’s kiosks incorporate accessibility features such as ADA-compliant height, audio assistance, and touch-sensitive controls to cater to users with disabilities. These features not only comply with legal requirements but also demonstrate your business’s commitment to inclusivity and customer satisfaction.


Responsive Touchscreen Technology

A responsive and accurate touchscreen is crucial for a user-friendly information kiosk. MetroClick’s kiosks utilize state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, ensuring that users can interact with the kiosk quickly and efficiently. This responsive interface minimizes user frustration and encourages the adoption of the kiosk for various services and information requests.


Regular Updates and Continuous Improvement

To maintain an intuitive and accessible interface, MetroClick’s information kiosks require regular updates and improvements. Our team of experts closely monitors user feedback and performance metrics to identify areas for enhancement. By continuously refining the kiosk interface and incorporating the latest usability best practices, we ensure that our kiosks remain user-friendly and effective in meeting customer needs.

Designing information kiosks with intuitive and accessible interfaces is a crucial aspect of enhancing user experience and promoting the adoption of these devices. MetroClick’s kiosks prioritize user-centric design, simplified navigation, high-quality visuals, multi-language support, accessibility features, and responsive touchscreen technology to create an exceptional experience for users. By focusing on user experience, our kiosks provide a valuable tool for streamlining your operations and improving customer satisfaction.

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