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MetroClick’s interactive digital real estate display systems magnify your presence

MetroClick has an established presence within the real estate industry know how in providing all-in-one digital solutions for both residential and commercial spaces . MetroClick measures consumer engagement and provides detailed analytics enabling individual spaces to maximize effectiveness in real time. The flexible network can be used in a wide variety of real estate environments, from in-window displays to floor to ceiling video walls, leveraging cloud based content which can be deployed remotely.

MetroClick offers a robust catalogue of signage solutions which incorporate features and functionalities such as thermal sensors, weather / vandal proof technology, sanitizer dispensers, battery powered, and camera analytics. The combination of a comprehensive suite of hardware offerings coupled with an industry leading Content Management System (CMS) provides the real estate industry with a standard solution!

Sanitization Station: MetroClick has developed an interactive sanitization station in order to keep both employees and guest safe while increasing brand presence via digital messaging.

The 22” touch screen has a built in motion sensing hand sanitizer, thermal temperature sensor, and camera analytics.

This turnkey hardware / software solution is the perfect addition to the interior or exterior of a building, allowing cloud based digital messaging while providing tips best practices and social responsibility.

sanitizing station

A-Frame Signage: MetroClick’s digital A-Frame represents an elegant way to increase brand awareness via remote digital messaging. The A-Frame is available in either touch or non-touch and is outdoor rated with battery power or hard wire optionality. This turn key solution provides retailers and advertisers with the ability to remotely run interactive content and videos on a single or multiple A-Frames.

Via MetroClick’s all-in-one content management and distribution system, retailers have the ability to group and schedule content across devices for unique promotional opportunities or events. Complete with wheels, this on the go solution can be positioned accordingly inside or outside a venue to accommodate special events or promotional campaigns.

Kiosks: Integrate kiosks to increase brand awareness via digital brand messaging. MetroClick kiosks are available in either touch or non-touch and are outdoor rated with battery power or hard wire option.

This turn key solution provides beer, wine, and spirits retailers / advertisers with the ability to remotely run interactive content and videos on a single or multiple. Available in 22”, 32”, 43”, and 55”, self-serve kiosks are the perfect addition to any retail footprint.

Video Wall: MetroClick offers bespoke video wall solutions to accommodate any venue size and style. Our large format solutions seamlessly integrate with MetroClick Manager’s cloud based content management and distribution system.

Leverage a video wall in your space to display the right message at the right time!


MetroClick’s large installations allow you to showcase your holdings big and bright, with multi-touch technology allowing several viewers to interact with the video screen at the same time. Our displays also allow for stunning, artful videos, digital signage and pictures that can make your lobby glow. This installations can be controlled with direct touch, or using a remote touch tablet.

Keep Your Clients and Residents Informed

Our touch screen monitor or kiosk with touch screen can be installed in your buildings themselves, offering maps and resident/store directories, display visually appealing video graphics, or assist building employees in management and organization.

connective touch screen solutions

Bring Your Showroom with You

Our large mounted screens allow your prospective clients to view virtual showrooms, eliminating the costs of creating and maintaining real ones with every new leasing office. If 84″ isn’t big enough, use our LifeWall installation to simulate a life-size showroom. Every time your leasing office moves, take your showroom with you at no cost.

connective touch screen solutions

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