180 N. Jefferson Dynamic Rate Board

A Lot Media and MetroClick are excited to announce a brand-new product and initiative within the parking lot advertising and technology space. A completely in-house solution that we have developed is the “Digital Dynamic Rate Board” (DDRB). After showcasing and officially debuting the product at the National Parking Association convention, MetroClick and ALM immediately began to roll out test units to parking providers throughout the nation. The DDRB serves a unique function: to analyze the data of the parking lot occupancy levels and in real-time adjust the rates depending on a variety of factors. This gives parking lot owners, managers and operators the ability to take advantage of peak times through dynamic pricing in addition to generating advertising revenue through the MetroClick interactive kiosk display hardware. This creates a unique value proposition for the owners and operators while enhancing their existing revenue stream through the use of the DDRB. All of the hardware utilized in this program is manufactured by MetroClick and is fully outdoor rated to function in even the harshest environments.