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MetroClick Interactive Blockchain Solutions for Digital Assets

MetroClick’s state-of-the-art interactive blockchain solutions are transforming the digital asset landscape, delivering a secure and inventive strategy for managing, exhibiting, and trading digital assets.

Utilizing groundbreaking blockchain technology, MetroClick equips businesses, artists, and collectors with the essential tools to safeguard and display their prized digital possessions, encompassing NFTs, digital art, and a variety of digital collectibles.

MetroClick’s blockchain solutions prioritize an intuitive user experience, enabling effortless navigation and engagement with digital assets. This user-centric approach guarantees a seamless interaction with digital art and collectibles, while simultaneously upholding the highest standards of security and authenticity.

By integrating MetroClick’s interactive blockchain solutions, our customers can confidently explore, appreciate, and trade their digital assets in a protected and immersive environment.

Interactive Blockchain Solutions Powered by MetroClick

Experience the future of digital asset management with MetroClick’s interactive blockchain solutions. These powerful tools enable the seamless integration of digital assets with interactive displays, creating a more immersive and engaging experience for users.

By incorporating features such as touchscreens, augmented reality, and virtual reality, MetroClick’s blockchain solutions allow users to explore digital assets in entirely new ways, fostering a deeper connection with the artwork or collectible. This innovative approach ensures that digital assets receive the attention they deserve while maintaining the highest level of security.

Streamline Digital Asset Management with MetroClick’s Blockchain Technology Solutions

Managing and securing digital assets can be a complex and time-consuming process. MetroClick’s blockchain technology solutions simplify the management of digital assets, providing a streamlined and efficient platform for organizing, displaying, and trading these valuable items.

MetroClick’s blockchain solutions offer comprehensive analytics, enabling users to track asset value, trends, and ownership history with ease. Additionally, the platform offers advanced security protocols, ensuring the protection of digital assets from fraud and unauthorized access.

Custom Blockchain Solutions for Securely Displaying Digital Assets

Every digital asset is unique, and MetroClick’s custom blockchain solutions recognize this by offering tailored experiences designed to securely showcase a variety of digital assets. By creating bespoke interactive displays, users can explore digital artwork, NFTs, and other digital collectibles in a way that highlights their distinct characteristics.

This personalized approach ensures that digital assets are presented securely, while also offering users an unforgettable experience. With MetroClick’s custom blockchain solutions, businesses and artists can confidently display their digital assets, knowing they are protected and appreciated by their audience.

Who We Are & What We Do

MetroClick is a privately funded interactive touch technology company based in New York. We offer hardware and software solutions which digitize and modernize all industries:

  • We have built a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) over the past 7 years
  • We are uniquely positioned as a one-stop hardware / software provider to rapidly meet our customers needs for B to B and B to C digital solutions
  • We have secured sizeable long-term contracts with premier clients for hardware, software, and advertising revenue providing rapid, profitable growth through 2022 and beyond


Products & Service

  • Hardware: MetroClick offers a full product suite for touch screen hardware or customized solutions available for purchase, rental, or lease to own.
  • Software as a Service: MetroClick Manager is our proprietary CMS which provides users with secure, cloud-based asset distribution
  • Service as a Service: MetroClick provides clients with ancillary offerings including creative services, graphic design, ad campaign management, logistics, support, service, and installation
  • Advertising: MetroClick has engaged in various strategic verticals and joint ventures, providing a revenue share on advertising income from on-screen content.
  • Custom Development: MetroClick provides custom software development for clients in the form of full application design, 3rd party API integrations, content creation / management, as well as customization of wayfinding, directory, check-in, payment processing and other ancillary offerings.
  • Reseller Partners / Alliances: MetroClick’s reseller program has allowed for an extensive sales network with a national footprint.


Hardware Portfolio


  • With in-house hardware manufacturing facilities, MetroClick offers a full suite of indoor and outdoor, touch and non touch displays including custom kiosks, wall mounted units, A-Frames, point of sales systems (POS), magic mirrors, as well as translucent refrigerators.
  • MetroClick delivers high quality touchscreens with slimmer footprints, in ruggedized environments for any industrial, B2B or B2C applications.
  • MetroClick’s ancillary product offerings have grown to include availability of optical bonding, antibacterial antiviral glass treatment, thermal camera technology, translucent touch glass panels, camera analytics integration, embedded WIFI, and battery powered functionality