MetroClick interactive digital hotel systems give your guests an unforgettable experience

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Digital Concierge Systems

Users can click through popular local activities in your area, receive weather updates, or read about special offers all on a central lobby kiosk.

Social Photobooth

Our social photoboth allows you to bring your guests into the social generation. Our CliqClik photbooth allows you to take photos and videos on our large format touch screen kiosks and share them directly to their favorite social media outlets with predefined hashtags.

Why is this important? The most powerful form of advertising is personalizing the experience. Younger generations especially associate where they want to go and what they want to do with social media. For a venue looking to expand their outreach, there is no better form of advertising then direct social sharing from the heart of their venue.

In addition to this, the bottom portion of the touch screen kiosk allows you to showcase your own favorite social media outlets in real time. Always keeping the image of your property in real time and ever changing to offer a dynamic, relevant and content rich piece of furniture.

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Advertising Kiosk

Bring a new rent roll into your property by joining our vast growing advertising network. Our systems offers a mix on venue contributed adds and announcements along with external adds to bring in extra revenue to your property.

If you are concerned about ads not being in keeping with your property, rest assured we hand select and place all of our advertisements to be intuitive and on brand with your guests.

This system also offers live feeds, such as news, weather, sports, stock tickers and endless customizations to make sure this feels like a part of your brands.

Captivating Displays

To amp up your indoor or outdoor décor, our interactive products can immerse clients in various ways throughout your property. Have an idea in mind? Or, would you like one of our specialists to offer some suggestions for your venue. Contact us for more information

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metroclick club hotel photo booth system

Night Life

MetroClick’s CliqClik photo booth lets guests take fun photo booth pictures surrounded by the club or hotel’s custom framing. In 2016, photo booths have become the trendiest, most sought-out feature of any club, allowing users to remember their night with high-quality photos.

For more information on how we can improve your space, contact us.