Restaurants and Bars

MetroClick’s digital interactive restaurant & bar display systems streamline customer service

On-Demand Orders and Checkout

With our standing kiosks or table-side screens, expedite order placements and eliminate service mistakes with MetroClick’s customer-friendly POS system. Offer quicker service after meals by allowing customers to check out immediately after they finish.

barneys touch table order placement system

Bright and Beautiful

MetroClick’s displays created exclusively for your restaurant are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your customers’ experience. With moving video walls, touchscreen glass surfaces, and custom designed software, MetroClick’s technology solutions fit seamlessly with the décor of your space, while providing customers with an unforgettable experience.

connective touch screen solutions

Cherish the Night

With our CliqClik Digital photo booth technology, users can take a picture with an event-themed frame to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Our new virtual reality and green screen feature can also place event graphics in the background of any picture. We make sure your space is the place to be and be seen, long after the night is over.

connective touch screen solutions

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