Engaging Inventory or Content Display

Draw people into your booth with high definition displays and interactive content on our touch screen kiosks or mounted screens. Display video advertisements, bright and high-resolution product pictures, or even an interactive quiz to help customers discover the right product for them.

exciting in-booth signage

Rather than embedding static pictures into your booth’s design, instead incorporate aesthetic video or picture displays, or use the surface as an interactive catalogue to present to clients. Our screens can be embedded into a wall or table, making any surface both a functional and beautiful display of digital signage.

large displays

With the hanging LifeWall video wall screens, allow customers to see your booth from across the whole convention center. Our clear and large displays will captivate prospective customers with your branding and content, ensuring your company makes a strong impact at the show.

Our custom software and hardware Are available to rent for the duration of your show, or available to lease for multiple events and shows.
Contact us to bring next-level signage to your booth.