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As more and more brick and mortar stores around world increasingly find themselves competing with ecommerce giants for products and service sales, it’s more important than ever for them to engage walk-in customers. In order to boost revenue generated from foot traffic, some retail store owners are now boosting customer bases and improving repeat business by offering a highly impressive self-service experience through digital retail kiosks. MetroClick is one of the top kiosk manufacturers in the USA.

MetroClick Touch PC Kiosks are available in the following sizes:

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Retail Kiosks Can Boost Your Sales and Bottom line

Metroclick offers interactive retail kiosk design with cutting edge event and retail technology, allowing you to keep up with increased demand for accurate information and self-service. Their retail kiosk design engages customers by inviting them to interactively learn more about their products, services, and general information your business offers. Catering to the burgeoning demand for self-service, the range of kiosks from them offer users with ultimate consumer experience.

Interactive Retail Kiosk Design Features

Metroclick retail kiosks are available as both outdoor and indoor models. All the touchsceen kiosk models have the following additional integrations. Credit card processing, scanner, camera, mobile payment integration, receipt printing, RIFD, NFC, unique QR codes, photo printing, speakers and they also have a built-in camera and special face-recognition software. These kiosk can be customized completely to match the exact décor of your venue. You can get htem in 21.5”. 32”, 42” and 55” Touchscreen display.

Also Available for Rent

As touchscreen retail kiosk design is light, so it is transportation friendly, and needs a power outlet and a Wi-Fi connection to operate, and you can easily take it anywhere.

Let’s have a close look at Some Benefits of Incorporating MetroClick’s Retail Kiosks

Help Customers Checkout, not Check Out

Innovative, sleeker, and interactive digital retail kiosk design has massively transformed the global self-service landscape. These hi-tech retail kiosks are geared for best ever efficiency, and these highly agile machines can neatly fit even on small floors, giving all kinds of stores an ability to treat customers to a highly streamlined transaction process that creates a lasting self-service encounter and also cuts customer’s wait time by approx 37 percent.

Long delays at checkout counters is so common for retailers, and many studies show that historically, 2.4 percent of all retail buyers are impatient to abandon their long line and leave the store without buying anything, even the items that are in their cart. In fact, long queues cost some famous brands over $90 million a year in revenue, and retail owners can easily speed up service at point of sale by deploying digital kiosks with easy-to-use and intuitive software that keeps customers moving. A retail kiosk can easily serve five times as many customers as traditional customer service.

Further, smart retail kiosk design makes it super easy to prod customers to upgrade or add many related or some promotional items that can add almost 7-10 percent to transactions, giving stores improved revenue streams from the current customer base. One easy example is offering lucrative extended warranties for various electronic appliances, something which some sales associates are not inclined to do.

Improve Customer Buying Experience as a Retail Mall Kiosk Solution

Retail kiosks provide detailed information to customers about the services and products being offered by the retailer. Since they can be easily accessed by the customers, they find it super convenient to visit any kiosk to make inquiries such as product availability, pricing, and even feature comparison. These kiosks also save time and also allow consumers to have more confidence that company is using new technology to improve customer experience. This also promotes customer loyalty as they can enjoy more enhanced buying experience using these kiosks.

Reduce the Cost of Business Using a Kiosk Retail System


A business that uses a retail kiosk strategy can offer more services at a lower cost. As information kiosks provide consumers answers to so many of their buying questions instantly, it allows the store to focus more on cutting labor costs on sale professionals to increase total sales volume. In addition, it also allows business to streamline total number of business employees necessary to service their customers, and retailer can also cut back on expensive resources as lesser number of employees will be required to complete management.

As One of the Best Retail Kiosk Manufacturers, MetroClick Creates Endless Profit Opportunities

As self-service retail kiosk checkout becomes more and more common across the retail sector, many progressive retailers are now realizing the sheer versatility of retail kiosk design and putting them on their floors to act as automated sales specialists. Using the retail kiosk’s high-resolution, brilliant and interactive touch-screen, customers can easily search for in-warehouse or in-store products, get required information and can even carry out product comparisons, allowing them to choose unique options as per their taste.

Studies show that around 65 percent of customers prefer to do their own product research using on-site self service, and these days, businesses are using latest, hi-tech digital signage as a part of their dynamic digital experience can see 37 percent more walk-in traffic and 33 percent higher sales volumes.

Tighten Ties with Customers through Great Loyalty Programs Using Kiosks for Retailers


Loyalty programs are so popular in retail sector ad have shown no signs of slowing since they became industry standard 26 years ago. Many studies in the past show that over 87 percent of consumers quickly use their rewards benefits, mostly within a month and that 93 percent of millennials are now members of at least two loyalty programs.

Smart retail kiosk design is such that it can be configured to help retailers boost customer relationship and build scope for repeat business by offering easy access to loyalty program signups, promotions and reward points.

These kiosks ca also be an important tool for retailers to easily build brand preference. Some studies show that retail kiosks improve brand awareness by 57 percent, and as customers get used to experiencing the sheer effectiveness of retail kiosks, many brick-and-mortar retail stores can see a spurt of repeat business-to the tune of almost 43 percent.

Retaining majority of existing customer is very important for many retailers; sources estimate it usually costs between 5 to 12 times more to lure just one new customer. In addition, studies show that just a 7 percent increase in customer loyalty can result in up to 87 percent more profits.

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