The design of your trade show booth is an important factor of the overall success–whether it be lead generations, sales, or networking– your team will have at any event. The more engaging and inviting your trade show booth is, the more foot-traffic it will receive.

Here are five tips to make sure your booth stands out at your next trade show.

Display Your Brand

Dominate the room with your product using a customizable and interactive wall displays. Patrons will quickly learn about your product from a glance which will further entice them to visit your booth. The interactive aspect of a kiosk will give potential clients the chance to truly engage with the product you are selling as well.

Make it Bright

One quick and simple way to stand out among a crowd of booths is utilizing your own lighting. Not only does it make your booth more visible, but you can easily set a mood and a comfortable ambiance for guests by getting creative with lighting.

Get a Photo Booth

With a Photo Booth rental, patrons can have some fun at your booth all while you’re marketing your brand. Using a customizable photo booth, you can easily integrate your brand with graphics and interface design. Guests can share their photo op to multiple social media platforms via the photo booth kiosk which will draw even more attention to your brand from their friends. To generate even more of a buzz, have a hashtag set that patrons can use when sharing their photos.

Leverage Social Media

In a world dominated by social media, it is important to get your brand out there. By using a social station kiosk, all of your business’s social media platforms will be available for guests to see and click through in one interface. This is a simple way to gain an even larger online following for your brand all while engaging attendees in real time at your trade show booth.

Let Visitors Charge Up

An easy way to attract more trade show attendees to your booth is to offer something they need. Taking pictures, texting, sending emails, etc. is clearly going to take a toll on a phone’s battery during a trade show event. By offering a digital charging station, you are giving guests a reason to stay at your booth in order to learn more about your product. The digital charging station itself can also be customized to suit your branding needs.