Why is sanitation important in the workplace?

In the workplace, personal hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation are of crucial importance and that is why they are addressed in most company policies as well. Every workplace is required to be hygienic not only for a company’s reputation, but also for the safety and health of their employees, customers and visitors.

One of the best methods for ensuring great workplace hygiene and sanitation requires implementing hygiene and sanitation policies which all parties need to adhere to, and also to utilize a sanitation station that is easily accessible.

Why does everyone need to take workplace hygiene seriously and why is sanitation important in the workplace?

There are many good reasons, such as :

1. Happy Employees

The work environment often influences an employee’s satisfaction at the workplace. And when the employees are content and happy, they are productive as well as driven to do their jobs as best as they can. When workers are happy at the workplace, they don’t consider changing jobs. They remain loyal to the company where they are always treated well, which reduces employee turnover.

So this very simple act of maintaining workplace hygiene is one way to ensure that the employees will remain in your company.

2. Improved Company’s Image

Since many suppliers, investors and clients visit your company, you don’t want them to become turned off by an unorganized, messy or seemingly dirty workplace. Poor workplace hygiene may leave a bad first impression for a company. Words travel fast, too, so a supplier or a client won’t take you seriously if they hear about uncleanness of your offices and will most likely take their business elsewhere.

Remember that workplace hygiene reflects a company’s core values. That’s why you need to make sure that people will say only good things about it.

3. Healthier Employees

When a workplace is unhygienic, cases of employee absenteeism increases that costs your business a great amount of money. So if your office is not hygienic and clean, even more employees will be taking sick days in the future.

That’s why you need to invest in hygienic workplace and sanitation facilities which may cost money initially, however, it will be worth it as your employees’ productivity will improve and so the cases of absenteeism will be reduced as well. In other words, the benefits you’ll reap from a clean and hygienic workplace makes it worth it.

4. Preventing the Spread of Viruses and Bacteria

When your workplace adheres to all the basic standards of hygiene and sanitation, you’ll be diminishing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses which may be rampant in shared spaces such as washrooms and office kitchens. Many employees are often oblivious to the fact that the workstations are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

So as you can see, an unhygienic and unsanitary workplace that is packed with bacteria makes everybody in the office a potential carrier of the disease which they can eventually transfer to both their families and friends. And in case you are dealing with a very contagious disease, it may even start the mini-epidemic. So make sure to avoid all these by keeping your workplace environment clean.

5. Reduced Accidents

When a workplace is being cleaned and taken care of on a regular basis, the chances of accidents which result in employees getting injured are very slim. Since an unclean or cluttered office usually increases the chances of accidents like trips, slips and falls, by keeping your office clean, you’ll be avoiding all these troubles.

For preventing injuries, make sure all the office floors are regularly cleaned. Also, keep in mind that you should have proper mats which need to be placed in areas where trips, slips and falls are very likely to happen.

Wet-area mats will efficiently reduce incidents of slipping since they easily contain the liquid beneath it and act as a barrier between feet and slippery floor. Moreover, these mats will be good for another reason as well; they’ll provide a more comfortable surface for your employees to stand, meaning prolonged periods of standing will now be easier on your employees’ legs, joints and back.

And as a result, they’ll be less tired as well as less likely to get hurt. Additionally, dust control mats effectively reduce the amount of dirt, dust and germs which are brought in from outside. And so a good mat does not allow dirt and dust to turn an entrance into a slippery area.

As can be seen, there are many good reasons why sanitation and hygiene are very important in the workplace. Make sure that you maintain cleanliness to avoid any troubles and if you want to enhance the ability for people in your work space to enhance their personal cleanliness, then consider adding the MetroClick Sanitizing Station.