Whether your business has 500 or 500,000 followers, it won’t make a difference to your bottom line unless you can drive them into your store. Fortunately, getting a return on your investment in digital marketing might actually be even easier than finding followers. It’s all about implementing creative strategies to showcase your brand and connect with your digital fans in real life. Here’s how.

Livestream In-Store Events

In-store events, like performances, panel discussions and workshops, can help your brand build deep connections with attendees. But don’t forget about the customers who couldn’t attend—instead, include them digitally by live-streaming the event. Once they see how much fun this event was, they’ll be sure to RSVP to the next one.

Install a Photo Booth

Want your customers to share your store with their followers? Consider installing a photo booth. They’ll love taking playful photos and gifs emblazoned with your brand, then sharing the images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Soon enough, you’ll see their followers flooding into your store to take their own pictures—and fill their shopping bags with your merchandise.

Experiment with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has changed the way people experience retail. It allows customers to try on clothes, see how furniture will look in their homes and test cosmetics right from their smartphones. Create a custom augmented reality experience for your store. The novelty of the experience will draw in new customers, while the convenience of it will build even more loyalty from your fans.

Showcase Your Social Media

When it comes to building a strong brand, your social media presence is just as important as your products, displays and decor. A social media board can help you bridge the gap between your online and offline presence by showcasing all your posts in a larger-than-life format.

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