Kiosks are being found more frequently at corporate events because they can be designed to be stylish, modern and give the event an entire elegant look. Touchscreen kiosks can be used in numerous ways to display the important information of an event or even be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

Kiosks have actually become an essential part of high-end events since they can be rented and customized to an event’s environment and needs. We have a list of 5 corporate event types that could benefit from renting touchscreen digital kiosks.


  1. Product Launches – we believe product launches can greatly benefit from having touchscreen kiosks. These are one of the most important events for a company and touchscreen kiosks can be used to capture the information of the people who are attending the event. These details can be used to follow up with them for further offers or to use as a prospecting tool. This information can also be used to advertise in real time how many people are attending your event and event highlights can be shared on social media during the event.
  2. Charging Stations – kiosks can be used as digital charging stations for event-goers. Set up touchscreen kiosk to display and advertise all products, services or any info about the company. Charging stations can also be used as digital advertisements that can be sold to offset the cost of corporate events or to promote partnerships.
  3. Award Events – Celebrate corporate achievements after a successful year or after a successful product release. Add a touch screen kiosk and encourage people to take pictures using it and these are automatically uploaded to integrated social media sites. This will ensure whatever event happens your company maximizes its presence on social media. This form of advertising adds to the publicity required to create a strong brand. You can place touchscreen kiosks which display information about your company or client’s companies or other partner businesses.
  4. Annual Holiday Parties – the fun side of the corporate scene can use interactive kiosks to participate in prizes and share holiday parties on social networks. This can greatly add to the brand of an organization and entice other people to want to work for or do business with your organization.
  5. Job Fairs – For larger organizations, interactive kiosks can definitely streamline processes and help people to better understand the opportunities within an organization. Using touchscreen kiosk at job fairs can encourage people to enter their details and apply for work in a coordinated manner. Kiosks can be set up to allow applicants to record videos which can help with the application process.


We feel these are the 5 corporate event types that benefit from renting our kiosks.

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