Introducing MetroClick’s Floor Standing Touch Screen Kiosks


A floor standing touch screen kiosk is like a giant tablet, which provides an online information center for clients (or staff) to access information. This product is useful in situations where you would like to advertise products, share knowledge (such as floor plans or procedures) or even to play videos or stream documentaries (providing sports, for example, for customers who wait in line). These touchscreen kiosks are therefore versatile and useful screens which can be used for multiple purposes.


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How does a standing digital kiosk benefit a business or organization?

Having a standing touch screen kiosk is like having a member of staff which caters specifically to customers needs with speed and efficiency. If a client needs to know where to go, would like to make a purchase, wants to sign in or requires more information on a product, display or service, the kiosk will provide it. This prevents long queues, eliminates frustration and enables a business to learn more about their clients needs, questions or interests. By installing a touch screen computer a business is able to enhance service and increase efficiency. This reduces customer impatience or anxiety. A touchscreen computer may also be fitted with cameras which increase business security.



What businesses or organizations should consider a floor-standing touch kiosk?

Self service kiosk are helpful in shopping centers, movie outlets, entertainment areas, casinos, nightclubs and even hospital lobbies, churches or universities. These computers can assist customers or visitors with making purchases, finding their way around or accessing information. These computers can also use surveillance to ensure enhanced security.

Check in kiosks are helpful in airports, bus stations and medical facilities. These computers assist customers to register their arrival, and find out where they need to go via maps or information systems.

Information kiosks are helpful to libraries, universities, museums, art galleries or shopping centers, and provide answers to customer questions, give access to maps, and may have displays or slide shows which offer information.

Retail kiosks offer information to customers about products available, and might showcase products which have not been advertised. These kiosks are also able to offer product combinations or packages, enabling sales, creating awareness, and offering speedy transactions which reduce buyers remorse.



How does a standing kiosk work?

A standing touch screen kiosk works as an interactive touch screen computer. It can be adapted to fit your company needs, and updated with hardware such as card reading machines, cameras, scanners or printers. They might also include USB ports for downloading information. By engaging, communicating and offering services to customers, they provide assistance, help clients access knowledge, provide maps or floor plans or offer opportunities to make purchases, all at a touch of a button.

However you would like to use your touchscreen computer, you can bring a sophisticated and flexible array of solutions to your clients when you make use of this engaging product. Exploring how it would best suit your needs and having it designed to bring optimal benefit means increasing customer service while offering a safe and secure internet site to your business or workplace.




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