Renting a kiosk is one of the best ways you can use to increase visibility and engage your audience at events and trade shows. If you haven’t used one yet, you are likely missing out on an innovative event technology that could completely change how people view your brand for the better.


Here are 5 top ways to use your rented touch screen kiosks in your next event:


1. Engage People With Fun Games

If you want to engage people at your booth with fun digital games, a digital rental kiosk is your best bet. The kiosk allows you to use software games that increase the interaction of customers with your brand. The idea is to use these digital games to educate your audience about your brand and the kind of services or products you offer. You can also use the games to give freebies such as branded t-shirts or caps that farther promote your brand. Gamification of a brand makes customers associate the brand with fun and positive experiences.


2. Make Self-service Booths

Do you want to pass information to the people at your next event? Digital rental kiosks are your best friend when it comes to passing that important piece of information you want your guests to know. With digital rental kiosks, you can conveniently upload documents, maps, brochures and more for the consumption of your audience. Guests at events love digital kiosks not only because they provide them with all the information they need to know about a certain brand, but also they enable them to read this information at their own pace.


3. Speaker Presentations

If you intend to make a presentation about your products, a digital rental kiosk can add that much-needed digital touch. There are many ways you can use digital kiosks for your presentations that will capture the attention of your guests and engage them throughout. You could use them to zoom in and out of maps, move slides to show images and play informational videos. Your guests will end up gaining more than if you were to use Powerpoint alone.


4. Demonstrate Your App on a Big Screen

Why use tiny mobile screens to demonstrate your app or website when you can instead use something that is more visually appealing. Isn’t your goal to be more visible to potential customers? If you want to show your audience how your app works, you only need a digital kiosk that comes with a giant screen and looks like a giant smartphone. Not only does the kiosk enable you to reach a bigger audience, but it can also help your guests understand most of what you say.


5. Capture Leads

You can efficiently use digital kiosks to register attendees email addresses and store them in your cloud storage using pre-installed lead capture apps. This a great way to show your audience that you are a digital brand and enable them to associate your brand with digital efficiency. It is far more appealing than using paper. To capture more leads, offer freebies to attendees in exchange for their contact info.


Are You Ready To Engage Customers in Your Next Event?

You now know why digital rental kiosks are a must have for any brand that would be successful. You now know about all the top 5 ways to use your digital rental kiosk. And if you are on a tight budget, you now know that you don’t need to own a digital kiosk to leverage on its incredible benefits. You can simply rent it for only the time you will need it and no more.

Contact us today regarding your interests in renting or buying an interactive kiosk solution.

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