A wall mounted touchscreen kiosk is a self-service resource that enables customers to review information, place orders, or complete tasks while attending a shop, store, or while in a lobby.

This is a cutting-edge technology that has been designed to provide the customers with the freedom they need when it comes to self-service in any business.

A wall mounted screen kiosk is an interactive digital screen that provides any business with a competitive advantage over others in the niche. The touch screen kiosk technology provides a check-in solution, an information system, and an easy-to-use screen interface.

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What are the benefits of a wall mount touch screen kiosk?

A wall mounted screen kiosk is a perfect solution for any business that needs to have a cutting-edge digital sign in or display interactive information. This is a top model technology that can fit any business premise. It serves a broad range of applications apart from the digital check-ins. A digital wall-mounted kiosk can help with:

  • Ticket sales – if you have a business that involves selling tickets, then these kiosks will be the best option for you. They provide a fast and efficient way of serving customers.
  • Product showcase – to catch a wide market, the wall mounted touch screen kiosk helps in enabling customers to browse the wide range of products available. If you are showcasing your products, then to boost your sales, install these kiosks. They will provide your customers with the best approach to viewing all the products that you offer.
  • Bill payments – why should your customer stay in long queues for them to pay their bills, install this digital wall mounted screen kiosks to make their experience at your kiosk the best. Customers will be able to pay their bills quickly.
  • Customer surveys – if you want to know what your clients and customers think of your business, then the kiosk are the best platform to use.

A wall mounted kiosk is the simplest and safest approach to providing the best services to your customers.

They can be securely attached to the wall and then height adjusted to suit your customers.

What will a wall mounted kiosk do in your industry?

A wall mounted touch screen kiosk will enable a business to:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase efficiency in service delivery to customers
  • Provide an excellent approach of showcasing the company’s product
  • Use limited-space premises more effectively


What to consider when buying a wall mounted touch kiosk?

The main aim of a self-service technology is to provide the customer with the best approach to access the services of a company with easy in the simplest way possible. Therefore when deciding to install the touch screen kiosk, the following factors are worth considering:

1. Easy-to-use software

The software that comes with the wall mounted touch screen kiosk should be easy to use. Many kiosks come along with a user guide to help the business effectively use the software, but MetroClick can provide specific support regarding installation and setup. As a business make sure that your customers do not have difficulties operating the software.

2. Interactive interface

The interface of the digital kiosk should be able to drive the customer through the entire process of service delivery without the help of any person. Let the interface provide the customer the independence a person wants in searching for the service.

MetroClick can help transform your business or organization premise into the most advanced self-service environment.

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We can help you identify the best way to use your space and integrate our kiosk solutions into your business systems.

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