Touch screen kiosks are an innovation growing rapidly in popularity and over time self-service kiosks have become widespread and more brands are quickly adapting to them. These kiosks have made customer service, purchasing and information acquisition quite easy. For customers, kiosks provide a self-dependable mode of accessing information and purchase of products ion a faster and more efficient way.


Top 5 industries benefiting from touch screen kiosks

Various industries have been able to benefit from interactive touch screen kiosks; these are five industries that use touch screen kiosks more efficiently;


      1. Food service industry
        Fast food and casual restaurants have been the biggest advocates of touch screen kiosks. Due to the rising cost of manual labor and demand for fast and efficient service provision by customers the only affordable alternative has been kiosks. Most brands normally depend on the traditional mode of service provision, but are increasingly turning into service kiosks. This has also helped customers since making orders has become easier to order food; they are able to get the normal service that people get in traditional service restaurant.
      2. Hospitality and tourism industry
        Over the last years, self-service kiosks have become more rampant in the hospitality and tourism industry. Most luxurious hotels have been able to use these service kiosks to improve their reception services, this industry has been able to adapt to automation. Hotels and offices who have the traditional mode of offering reception services have been able to benefit from the rise of these kiosks. Interactive touch screen kiosks use these services to offer customer services to customers.
      3. Retail industry
        Touch screen kiosks are not only being used in food industries but also in retail businesses. Most retail businesses in the world are focusing on service-oriented kiosks to reduce costs. These touch screen kiosks allow customers to order their desired products online and choose a specific pick up station or delivery location.
      4. Banking sector
        Banks offer services and it can be frustrating to wait for services in a long queue. To reduce this, most banks have adapted the system of using a touch screen kiosks to make service selection easy for clients. If you are wondering how this works, you might be surprised at how easy it is when a customer walks into the bank with a long line all he has to do is get a ticket from the touch screen kiosk and wait for his number to be called out or even be notified on his cell phone of his approximate wait time. When your ticket number is called out, you are given instructions on which teller will attend to you. This has made services in banks easy.
      5. Municipalities
        Municipalities have greatly benefited from touch screen kiosks and they have reduced their human resource needs. Municipalities also have an obligation of making people in a city feel safe and informed, and a part of this responsibility is providing public information to people. They can provide information through touch screen kiosks, information such as voting dates and city directions. They are also able to get surveys from interactive touch screen kiosks.

How these industries benefit from touch screen kiosks

The following are some of the ways that the above highlighted industries benefit from interactive touch screen kiosks;

  • Reduce the cost of running a business
    Online shopping has made shopping easier, faster and more convenient for shoppers. Customers are also able to access all information about the product before they decide whether to buy it or not. They can access catalogues and place orders at a kiosk.
  • Saves time and labor
    Touch screen kiosks provides more efficient labor, they are able to do the tedious work that come with providing services. The use of these kiosks ensures that the personnel who were to undertake those duties put their time and skills into other responsibilities.
  • Efficient customer service
    The use of technology has proved to be more effective than actual human labor in certain areas; this is because touch screen kiosks give enough detail and information to the needs of a customer.
  • Faster return on investment
    Use of touch screen kiosks increases sales, this in turn can deliver a faster return on investment.


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