Searchable Tenant Directory
Search by company name or individual.

Time and Weather
Current temperature and forecast

News Ticker
Displays the latest news headlines.

Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500

Announcement & Ad Space
Manage a slideshow of building news
Display events
Host local and national ads.

A MetroClick Interactive Directory Displays Far More than Simple Text

Take Advantage of the Large Format Touch Screen Directory

The MetroClick large touch directory allows for incorporating company logos, weather, news, transit information and more. With an interactive directory, you have unlimited listing capabilities for your building’s tenants and organizations.

Our Interactive Directory App is Loaded with Features:

  • Custom Branding and Imaging
  • Interactive Company Logos
  • Train Times
  • Building and Facility Information
  • Building Announcements
  • Time & Date
  • Weather
  • News Ticker

Custom Content Management System

Take complete control of your directory with a custom Content Management System to edit current tenant listings. Don’t be limited by print. When using an interactive directory, tenant listings can be updated in seconds!

A standard directory is printed and the signs are constantly changing. The cost to get signs printed can add up, and they are inconvenient to maintain. Managing tenants through our CMS is quick and easy. Best of all, updating listings can be done at no additional cost.

Great First Impression for Lobbies

With MetroClick’s complete hardware lineup you can chose from a 22” to 84” large format, wall mounted display or a MetroClick kiosk, to enhance your directory’s impact.

Display Relevant Digital Information

A MetroClick directory instantly provides the most relevant information to anyone entering your building. Get in sync with the time, weather, and current events, with just a glance. When it’s time to leave, check out the directory’s transit schedule to catch live departure times.

MetroClick designs and develops interactive directories in-house, in New York, NY.

Our focus at MetroClick is to eliminate the hassle of traditional real estate directory products and provide a simple all-in-one solution to address all of the needs within a single system. The benefits of utilizing a single digital solution far outweigh the return and expense of traditional print signage solutions. From a cost, ROI and opportunity to monetize the digital solution, we feel that this is a great solution that benefits both the tenants and landlords in an effective solution that creates significant upside for revenue generation and tenant satisfaction.

The MetroClick directory solution allows the landlord to manage new and existing tenants, employees and advertising opportunities in real time without experiencing any of the added cost of a print-based solution. All of our clients have a dedicated Content Management System (CMS) that allows them to augment the directory and it’s on-screen content simply and effectively. Additionally, the MetroClick team is available as needed to aid any of our clients with issues, new concepts and on-site help to ensure a seamless and smooth process.

MetroClick’s aim is to be a one-stop-shop for any and all of your digital signage, interactive experience and custom solution needs within a single partner/vendor. We look forward to working with you to tailor a solution that is cost-effective, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing to meet all of your needs. For any additional questions, quotations or other needs please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are excited to assist you in bringing your directory solutions to the digital space and look forward to hearing from you.

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