viAll over the world hotels are stepping up their technology game and adding some truly remarkable pieces to their luxury offerings. Whether it’s motion sensors, video art installations, or digitally interactive displays, these hotel brands represent the all-stars of hospitality tech.

The Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel

New York City is home to some of the best the world has to offer and that includes tech-savvy hotels. At the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel, guests enjoy the use of their gesture-controlled, interactive video walls.

The clever display uses 3D cameras, motion detectors, and projectors. As “living wall”, the installation responds to movement and interacts with visitors as they walk by.

They also feature a Discovery Alcove, where a digital concierge provides up-to-the-minute personalized recommendations by offering you the option to select a distance from the hotel and points you in the direction of an attraction to discover.

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Blow Up Hall 5050

Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poland also makes use of digital art displays. With the help of LED screens, the tech-savvy hotel’s lobby showcases blown-up surveillance shots of guests coming and going. In doing, the Blow Up Hall 5050 shows its dedication to their “larger than life” theme.

The futuristic space also showcases works of interactive works of art  and allows guests to check into their rooms digitally right from iPhones provided by the hotel.


The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo

Where else in the world can your kids (and perhaps you, yourself) play with digitally-interactive Pokémon? Only at The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo. The tech-savvy accommodations in special partnership with the Pokemon brand create a one-of-a-kind hunt for children over the age of five.

With the help of a hotel map and a digitally interactive “magic mirror” (made up of responsive video walls), guests attempt to catch ‘em all. The Peninsula also makes a point to use video wall displays for their other digital art installations.

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Hotel 1000

Seattle might see a lot of rainy days but Hotel 1000 has the perfect tech-savvy solution for golf lovers who need their fix while traveling. Their infrared tracking video display lets guests play simulations of any of the top fifty golf courses in the country. Using 680 sensors, the interactive digital game tracks stats like spin, velocity, and ball trajectory.

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Now guests can golf their favorite courses or try out new ones 24/7. The hotel also uses sensors in the room to detect body heat so housekeeping can tell whether it’s safe to enter or not, without even having to knock on the door.

Charlotte Marriott City Centre

Located in North Carolina, the Charlotte Marriott City Centre has completely transformed their 1980’s space into a hub of innovation. If purified air systems and customizable lighting don’t ease your jet lag, perhaps their virtual fitness classes will do the trick.

With a series of wall-mounted touch screens, guests can search their extensive video database to find a class that suit their interests and fitness goals.

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For any hotel or event center interested in upping their technology game, these five examples should serve as inspiration. Whether it’s for art, gaming, or experiential marketing, adding another element of technology to your venue will always be a hit.