As a business owner, one needs to constantly be on top of technological trends, otherwise you put yourself at a significant disadvantage. In short, touch screen monitors make using technology easier for you and more convenient for your customers. The following are 7 reasons to use a touch screen kiosk in your business lobby:


1. Reduced overhead

The biggest cost to many businesses is training and paying workers, and this is why you should take advantage of automation at every opportunity. Depending on your business niche, you may have already noticed the implementation of touch screen kiosks at fast food restaurants, supermarkets and malls.

Asides from the initial set-up costs, electricity, and occasional maintenance, these kiosks are relatively cheap over the long run when compared to hiring staff. A touch screen kiosk can work at any hour, during holidays and weekends with the pressure to change schedules, manage human resource concerns, and typically at significantly less than the cost of an employee. Placing a kiosk in a business lobby can streamline numerous jobs that once required the direct attention of staff.


2. Improved customer experience

Many customers prefer the convenience of kiosks as they get to shop, gather information, schedule appointments, or make payments. Customers never feel the pressure of a salesperson trying to up-sell or have to deal with a cashier making mistakes at checkout. For many people, using a kiosk is preferable to waiting in line for a turn to speak with a receptionist, sales clerk, or for customer service.

For people who are on the shy side or aren’t quite sure what they want and do not like to feel pressured to hurry or make a decision, the ability to order something through a kiosk without having to deal with staff also has great appeal. You’ll also never have a customer complain about bad service or rude behavior.


3. Increased sales

If increasing sales doesn’t grab your interest as a business owner, then what will? Many customers often walk into a business without an exact idea of what they’re looking for and that’s where kiosks are handy. As a customer is using the kiosk you are able to promote and suggest various products and services during browsing.

It’s not uncommon for customers to inadvertently purchase additional goods simply because they were made aware of it. A good comparison is to think of what happens at a large wholesale store like Costco… People walk in with the intention of only purchasing 1 or 2 items, but because they keep seeing amazing deals and different products it becomes difficult to just buy the 1-2 items they originally wanted. And then, they leave with an entire shopping cart full of goods.

The MetroClick kiosk series offers the ability to subtlety cross-sell and up-sell in a way that is information-based and compelling, but without the pressure that traditional staff tends to create. Depending upon the nature of the businesses being catered to, the MetroClick kiosks can help with information, customer service, purchasing, checking stock, appointment setting, and much more.


4. Better customer understanding and tracking

Touch screen kiosks provide up-to-date data and information on your customers. By being able to monitor in real-time how and what your customers you can better cater to their preferences based on what sells and what doesn’t.

But, kiosks are also a way to directly get customer input as well. People don’t like filling out surveys, it’s a fact. But when you have something quick and short that literally needs a single finger tap people are much more responsive and reliable. You can quickly accumulate valuable feedback and data that normally would be inaccessible.


5. Higher job satisfaction

As a business owner, it is unlikely for you to completely remove the need for every single employee in your business, but the ones you do keep will also reap the benefits kiosk. Because just as there are customers that don’t like interacting with employees, you’ll have employees who don’t enjoy talking to customers either.

Kiosks can also perform the more mundane tasks in a business, freeing up time for employees to do more fulfilling and important roles in the business.


6. Ease of use

Today, almost everyone has a touch screen phone and knows how to operate a touch screen. This means that you don’t need to teach customers how to use your kiosk and they may in fact gravitate towards one.

But touch screen kiosks are also easier for business owners too. They’re low maintenance and whenever you apply an update your “employee training” is done. You don’t even need to be physically there as many can be operated remotely via online dashboards.


7. Modern technology

A large part of influencing people’s perceptions is demonstrating that your business embraces technology that truly is innovative. There are people who will prefer to do business with an organization that is streamlined over those that do not seem technology-friendly or as organized. The important part with MetroClick’s solutions whether that be touch screen kiosks, interactive video walls, digital photobooths, or a custom solution – is that they are highly-functional technologies that enhance productivity.

By getting a touch screen kiosk you are showing as opposed to telling customers that your business is tech-savvy and is embracing technological trends. And there are customers who specifically target businesses because of this forward-thinking.

These are 7 great reasons to add a touch screen kiosk to your business lobby or anywhere you think your business might benefit from one. If you would like to learn more about MetroClick’s interactive touch solutions, then contact us today to speak with one of our experts.