MetroClick digital kiosk technology is changing the way social interactions occur. Recently, MetroClick was able to provide a digital solution for a Brooklyn Church:

By April 2020, Brown Memorial Baptist Church had already lost several parishioners to COVID-19 and decided to move all of its activities online. It would be nearly seven months before anyone other than staff members would enter the church, which often hosted 450 to 600 worshippers on a Sunday. That included one of the most well-attended services of the year – Easter. The church’s virtual services, Bible study and youth-focused courses helped fill the gap, but everyone knew that the socially active community needed to get back to in-person as soon as possible.


When the senior staff at Brown Memorial, which is located in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, New York, did start to consider re-opening, they knew the process of seating worshippers in the pews would be very different from pre-COVID times.


They also knew that with a large portion many of its 450 to 600 congregants being elderly or having underlying health conditions, safety had to before the first, second and third priorities. They would limit attendees at the services and keep many study and prayer groups virtual. A new system would be established for every person entering the church building, one designed to maintain hygiene and distance. Masks, of course, would be a must.


What the leadership initially developed was a plan involving three or four people in the church entranceway to take the temperature of every parishioner coming to services (other church activities would return later). The staffers would also sanitize everybody’s hands and have them sign into the church’s roll for attendance. This process was intentionally slow and laborious, taking about 45 minutes to get everyone into the nave for the service. Everyone knew they needed a better system.


As the church prepared to start returning to in-person services, a member of the ministerial staff, Rev. Roland H. Robinson, contacted his long-time friend Eddie Cooper of MetroClick/ faytech NA, which merges hardware manufacturing capabilities and an in-house software development team to create innovative digital communications functionality, customization and versatility.


MetroClick/faytech produces customized projects and a wide range of industrial and commercial displays, as well as kiosks, for clients throughout the world…

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