Campari Group, an industry-leading spirits supplier, engaged MetroClick to deploy a network of interactive digital devices in leading wine and liquor stores in the Metro NY area. The technology allows for real-metroclick-campari-kiosk-pichitime deployment of content which centers on brand promotions, cocktail recipes, streaming videos and social media feeds. Campari partnered with Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits of NY for placement of this innovative digital touch screen in-store marketing platform for liquor stores that brings the digital experience to a broad spectrum of brick & mortar retail locations.

The real-time deployment of content was particularly evident during a 4-day period in early May where content for Wild Turkey Bourbon was able to run on May 1st, capitalizing on interest in the Bourbon category around the Kentucky Derby. Following the race, devices were able to instantly pivot to promoting content for Espolon Tequila in celebration of the Cinco De Mayo holiday. Each device receives content via wifi connection and MetroClick’s proprietary software and content management system (CMS).

Content has also been deployed for Grand Marnier, Aperol, Wild Turkey, and Appleton Rums across the network. Retailers report an enhanced in-store experience while promoting customer connection and engagement as well as incremental growth in sales for the brands featured.