This year, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in what it means to provide good customer service. Companies that have found success in providing friendly and reliable customer service for decades are wondering why they’re suddenly watching their sales sink. It begs the question then:




What does it take in 2016 to offer your customers the best service?


MetroClick has curated a list of possible solutions.


Trend 1:


Research shows that the percentage of customers who wanted a more technology connected shopping experience shifted from 18% to 42% in the past year.






Offer your customers the best experience by tailoring your services to their individual needs using digital signage screens and kiosks. Let them swipe through flavors, mix and match outfits, or automatically check out using your business’s own customized digital platform.


Trend 2:


Customers are increasingly doing their homework before making a purchase.


Studies show that even though customers today are more likely to research online before spending large, they still prefer to shop in-store.






Provide accurate information about products in-store, using interactive screens and sensor shelves that display information about each item they pick up (they’re 60% more likely to purchase your item once they do!)


Trend 3:


There’s a growing appetite for self-service in consumer experiences. With the rise of mobile technologies, customers are increasingly seeking the ability to handle simple issues on their own.






Help your customers spend less time talking to people at a counter, and more time shopping through your store. Digital signage solutions allow customers to navigate through your store’s directories, merchandise, promotions, and check out with a few simple swipes.