For most of us, every time we think about a time we were in a phone booth, fond, happy memories instantly come to the forefront of our mind. To many of us photo booths are synonymous to joy and happiness and can’t help but smile when we think about them. As a way to ensure you continue to experience that optimistic and joyous feeling, our photo booth company would like to enliven your parties and industry events with a NY photo booth rental.

Our NY Rental Photo Booths Are Easy To Set Up

Once an event coordinator requests to have MetroClick photo booths in their get together, there is no additional work for them to do, for we take over from there. Our photo booth kiosk solutions are rather easy to set up and will easily fit into most spaces. We leave nothing to chance, and ensure that everything from the lightning, to the exact positioning of the photo booth is to our client’s liking.

MetroClick New York City Photo Booth Rentals Can Gain Massive Exposure For Your Business

Another reason why our customers love using our photo booths is the added creativity and exposure It provides them. Upon request, customers can select their own special backgrounds as well as feature logos and schemes that pertain to their individual business or themes. By placing your company logo or brands on each photo, you have the opportunity to gain widespread exposure when guests post pictures from the event on the web.

Guests Always Have a Great Time Taking Pictures in our NYC Photo Booth Rentals

Just think about how long it takes people to gather to take group photos at an event, wedding, and social gathering. The thing about photo booths is that people instantly gravitate toward them and are more inclined to display a variety of smiles, laughs and joyful facial expressions, rather than the boring old ‘say cheese’ tactic many photographers implore. Within the four panels of our photo booths, your guest feel no pressure to smile or ‘look good’ or other photographer urge them to do so, but rather feel the freedom to relax and have fun.

Our New York Photo Booth Clients Say They Are The Life Of The Party

Let’s face it, social gatherings are often leaves you feeling anxious and reclusive, for there are so many people whom you don’t know which makes it rather difficult to network and connect with interesting new people. Truth is, If you are the more reticent and reserved type, you will find it rather difficult to simply go over and spark a meaningful conversation off a cold approach. So how can you lighten up the mood?

A key reason why customers love using our large touch photo booth is that when guest are within the booths, the mood around the gathering instantly changes. The magic of our photo booths is that once you’re inside them all your tenseness and seriousness instantly vanish, and you can’t help but revert back to your goofy and cheerful side.

Pictures From Our Rental Photo Booths Serve As Timeless Souvenirs

Many birthday celebrants, graduates, and newly wedded couples can always look back on the fun filled experience our photo booths brought to their bash with the aid of a photo album. 5 years down the line when at the next family reunion or celebrating your anniversary, you can gathers your friends and loved ones around the photo album and soak in the precious memories.

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