New smart cart enhances retailers’ ability to engage with customers throughout the store visit by bringing the digital experience into the physical location. Features include cashier-less checkout, running tab of basket, instant sale notifications, synching of shopping lists, built in barcode scanner and interactive navigation


NEW YORK – As shoppers shift to ecommerce in droves during the pandemic, retailers with physical locations  need a strategy to bring them back to their aisles. It is imperative for retailers to make the process of going through the store efficient, engaging, stress-free and enjoyable. To help retailers meet these goals, MetroClick/faytech, the creator of dynamic interactive digital experiences, is introducing the EASY Shopper Intelligent Cart solution to the United States and Canada.


Already a big success in Europe, where it was developed by Pentland Firth Software GmbH, the EASY Shopper cart adds advanced mobile solutions such as such self-scanning and interactive displays to the modern shopping wagon. With EASY Shopper, the customer shops without having to repack, can skip waiting in line at the checkout, gets personalized promotions and messaging, can quickly get help and always sees exactly what she has purchased. EASY Shopper has been operational for more than three years at a leading European retailer and has increased customer revenue by 11.6%, freed up 50 % of the cashier staff to support the customer on the shop floor and lowered theft rate by 60%.


“Everything about the EASY Shopper cart is designed to build interaction with customers — from the synching of the shopping list from your phone to the cart or using your phone as an enhanced scanner, to the customized displays that draw on shopping behavior to make the entire process as productive and enjoyable as possible,” said Taylor Miller, Partner and COO at MetroClick/faytech NA. “In short, EASY Shopper really brings the online experience into the store.”


Among the many benefits of the EASY Shopper cart are cashier-less checkout, running tab of basket, instant sales notifications, synching of shopping lists, built in barcode scanner, interactive map of the store and more. Each of these functions also help the retailer collect analytics that enhance the performance their marketing and merchandising operations.


“The success our retail partner in Germany is enjoying with EASY Shopper, which includes larger basket sizes and increased store loyalty, can be easily replicated in North America, as  customers’ needs are very similar on either side of the Atlantic – they want to get value from the retailer and they want to feel engaged with the store,” said Frank Heinrich, CEO of Pentland Firth Software GmbH.


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