Interactive touch screen PC kiosks are durable and perfect for trade shows, lobbies, events, and numerous other applications. Interactive kiosk technology typically consists of a touchscreen monitor, a PC that is encased in a locked, a resilient cabinet, and a WiFi connection.

One of the best aspects of touch kiosks is that they can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In general, MetroClick kiosks require minimal set up, and they are designed to not need to be operated by a trained person.


Common uses

Event registrations: This is ideal at a big conference where a number of the participants might be signing in over a several day or numerous hour duration of time. By letting the guests know about event information ahead of time, this permits them the optimum flexibility for managing their time. In addition, if your meeting wants to enable for last minute walk-in registrants, the kiosk can be fitted with a safe credit card reader.

Digital signage solutions: With a large association meeting or convention, digital signage kiosks can be tactically positioned throughout the conference to direct guests to their meeting spaces.

Interactive sitemaps: Using a GPS software bundle, participants can see where they are on the convention flooring and trace turn-by-turn instructions as to where they want to go, and even walking instructions within the city.

Product launches: Kiosks can be used for teaser videos, evaluating the guest’s knowledge about the company, or perhaps playing video games.

Surveys and intakes: Attendees can be asked to take a survey about the occasion utilizing touch panel kiosks located throughout the event. No more papers to process and input, and this means a reduced need for staff.

Digital presentations: If a conference includes numerous sessions, then it is fully possible to stream or make the recorded presentations available on the kiosks. This would permit participants to see any discussions they might have missed. If the session was being tape-recorded with a video electronic camera, it is also possible to add these videos to the kiosks also.

Wayfinders: This is typically a map of the exhibit floor, which permits participants to type in an exhibitor’s name and find their cubicle easily. Wayfinding solutions are growing more common and relevant within large areas that have numerous stores, booths, or areas to see.

Lead funnels: Rather than accumulating business cards and physical marketing materials, a lead funnel kiosk application can guide event attendees through a series of questions to help identify their needs and provide the best solutions an organization has to offer.


Great marketing tools

Unlike most advertising and marketing solutions, MetroClick kiosks offer limitless options for direct and indirect marketing purposes since the branding can be put on the kiosk body, on the monitor, and even displayed within the software. This is how an organization can brand any kiosk rental for an event.


Make consumer acquisition and experiences highly interactive

Communicate with your audience using a variety of advanced digital technologies such as multi-touch, sensors, voice, and camera-based interactions that can be implemented within an interactive kiosk by MetroClick.



Produce and release completely interactive experiences for trade shows, showrooms, museums, fast food, retail stores stores, lobbies, or numerous other commercial purposes. MetroClick can customize both the kiosks and software to your unique specifications.



Whatever an organization is promoting or selling – ranging from concert tickets to retail goods to real estate, the MetroClick kiosk technology can help your potential customers and clients have a motivating experience.

MetroClick software analytics can assist in turning a kiosk experience into an essential KPI resource by specifying, gathering, visualizing, and sharing interaction information that defines style, operational, and organization insights.



With MetroClick you can connect your user interface to external information and integrate incorporate organizational logic and any data discovered among the internet of things. MetroClicks software capacities allow for the user experience to be linked to back office systems that can react in real time.


Online / Offline

An internet connection is not needed if it isn’t available due to location or potential outages. Kiosk experiences can be locally saved and run offline.


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