Doesn’t it seem that more and more technological devices are springing up in the most unlikely places? Your university campus could be next!

For decades, there have been facilities and entire rooms on university campuses dedicated to self-service computers and information. Now, information kiosks are starting to be seen more frequently in highly accessible locations on campuses. The reason why this is happening is that technology has become smaller, more efficient, and much cheaper to manufacture. More importantly, the core technology that has become more convenient for use is the touch screen element, and this is crucial for useful and successful kiosks.

Interactive touch screen kiosks can assist the user to move from one page or browser to another with the swipe of the user’s hand. This eases the means of navigation using gestures that most students are already familiar with due to cellular phones and tablets. Kiosks that have both touch screens and keyboards can be custom designed so that the user can use the keyboard for longer input sessions.

A niche that we are starting to see an increase of interest for touch screen kiosks is on university campuses. People pass through common campus areas daily, and interactive kiosk solutions offer an easy way to quickly convey information to visitors, students, faculty, and staff. Below are 5 ways how interactive kiosks can be used on university campuses:


Display Important Student Information

The top reason for interactive kiosks on campus is to display relevant information. This could be information regarding events on campus, rescheduled or canceled classes, or important security alert that requires to be updated as new information becomes known. Not everyone checks their email at critical times, and students change their phone numbers time to time and may not remember to update them with their school for SMS text message delivery. University campuses are increasingly using interactive kiosks to provide up-to-date information to visitors, students, and staff.


Reduce Special Event Wait Times on Campuses

Interactive kiosks can support high volumes of traffic and reduce the congestion that can occur in more populated universities. They reduce the wait times linked with many of the tasks that people on campuses are regularly trying to accomplish. High traffic times, such as ticket sales for athletic events, art events, parking, and other high volume experiences can be expedited.


Scheduling with Student Services Kiosks

University campuses have busy administrative offices, for example, career services, financial aid offices, registrar’s offices, and walk-in advising. It can be difficult to continually schedule students and then keep student wait times low, particularly if the school have long appointments with different time requirements. A kiosk queue software development service is required to hold critical data that keep the organization’s productivity up and meet every student’s concerns within an appropriate time. The queue software also provides the students to know how long their expected wait time will be and enables them to monitor their wait time on their tablets or Smartphone.


Enhance University Branding and Visibility

Since these kiosks are interactive, they present possibilities for endless branding and visibility for both the university and third parties. These kiosks also provide a unique opportunity to interact and engage with the student body.


University Dining Halls

There is now greater access to nutritional information than ever before, and students anticipate knowing what their food options are at a dining hall, what is in their food, and even the details of its nutritional content. Displaying such nutritional information will empower students to make a wiser decision. Including features such as dining hall hours, individual menu items, and identify ingredients are particularly crucial for the student who may have food allergies.


Contact MetroClick to Learn about Our University Custom Solutions

MetroClick kiosk solutions customized for a university offer an enhanced opportunity for interaction with student by connecting them to the school’s network. For instance, enabling people on campus to immediately purchase and print tickets to an event or sign up for classes. A kiosk can have the technology customized so that it identifies them through their student ID, and then allows them to buy items directly on the kiosk, reducing the need to use cash or a credit card using university credit systems or stored credit cards.

There is growing evidence of student satisfaction with regular usage of campus kiosks. Furthermore, schools can benefit through improved performance and the reduction of hours required working in ticket offices and visitor reception areas.

There has never been a better time for a university to invest in interactive kiosks and the customizable solutions by MetroClick will give your campus the edge it needs.