In the age of Snapchat and Instagram, it’s reasonable to think photo booths are dead. However, against all odds, they’re making an incredible resurgence with the millennial generation. Whether it’s creating a great memories, changing the atmosphere of your industry event, or even boosting attenders’ buying habits, here’s why renting photo booths for concerts is a savvy decision.

New York Concert Photo Booth Rentals are a Fun Way to Remember An Experience

Photo booths are an older novelty, but that’s exactly why they’re timeless. In a glance, they set a vibe of smiling, being silly, and having a great time. For the younger generation who’ve never tried them before, it’s a mysterious icon they want to try. For those that are familiar, the nostalgia brings back their best memories. So whether they’re for the atmosphere or for use, renting concert photo booths will create a vibe that encourages people to loosen up and expect some fun.

New York Photo Booths Rentals for Concerts Help the Fans Be Themselves and Have a Great Time

The very theme itself is to be silly, weird, and let your hair down, in a way that quick selfie can’t accomplish. That means concern photo booths will inspire attenders to get behind the curtain and show a fun-loving side of themselves they may have shied away from before. As a bonus, while a selfie is a closed-party kind of affair, photo booths encourage you to be more social, asking strangers or staff to get in on the fun – making your entire concert a more memorable experience.

Better Than Phone Selfies – Celebrate The Concert in a Unique Way

Attendee pull out a phone, take a quick selfie, and that’s it. Sharing on social media is fun, but it’s exactly what they do with every other concert or entertainment event they attend. By buying a photo booth or renting one for concerts, you’re giving them a chance to disconnect from their phones and instead further embrace the experience –making your event stand out as wholly unique. They’ll remember it as the concert where they had fun in the photo booth, not just another concert. As a bonus, the more disconnected from their phone they are, the more likely they’ll check out your merchandise. Why not, might as well cap off the evening, right?

Instant Physical Photo Copies Mean Long-Term Memories

Physical copies of the pictures keep you relevant for longer. Snapping a photo on their phone and watching it be lost in the sea of social media will quickly have you pushed to the back of their mind – but glancing at the strip of images in their scrapbook or tacked to their corkboard will keep you front and center. Even in the age of digital touch solutions, the physical holds more weight.

Concert Photo Booths With Live Feed Projections Means More Excitement

As a feature in our digital photo booths, you can sync up the photos being taken with the big screen. So while attenders are putting on giant glasses and making strange faces, the rest of the crowd can see and enjoy the photos as well. This creates a stronger connection between everyone attending, where they can laugh or cheer for the best shot yet, and it encourages friendly competition to impress the crowd. The more excited the crowd is, the more fun they’re having, and the more successful a concert will be.  The photo booth kiosks manufactured by MetroClick can be themed in practically any way imaginable and are the perfect way to make a concert experience go viral online.

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