More than just a popular trend, popups are nothing less than the future of retail. Increasingly, traditional retailers and eCommerce companies, both established and newcomers alike, are using popups to test new markets, reach out to customers and drive brand exposure through interactive technology solutions. Wayfinding signage software, Touchscreen video walls or interactive glass display are great examples.

Popups are special because they hover between brick-and-mortar and digital retail. They plug in to key trends such as omnichannel, personalization and micro-retailing, which are redefining the industry. Apart from being a powerful marketing tool, popups also allow for experimentation with some of the most exciting tech applications around. 

From Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to Augmented Reality and Smart Purchasing Systems, popups lend themselves well to brands who are not afraid to get creative with tech and wow customers with an in-store experience that is unforgettable.

The Wayfinding Kiosk is a handy device that offers customers a unique way of engaging with your popup, or if inside a mall, with multiple popups and regular stores. Put simply, it helps them find the way. In addition, by bringing promotions, location highlights, news and special deals to your customers’ attention as they navigate your space, shopping is turned into an adventure.

The interactive kiosk enables customers to learn more about the products on offer, locate other products or call a sales representative. Tech solutions such as digital mall kiosks enhance customer engagement, give them a sense of personalization and increase convenience –all part of the type of in-store experience that is increasingly expected, if not demanded, by shoppers.

Besides driving foot traffic to your popup through social media ads and press releases, on-the-day marketing is the best and still the most effective way to attract impulsive shoppers into your store. The Interactive Glass Display delivers just that by enabling customers to literally swipe your display window to get a glimpse of what’s on offer inside. It truly brings your storefront to life, getting customers to interact with your store before even stepping in. It makes popping in to your popup irresistible.

What needs to be understood, and this applies to millennials more than anyone, is that mobile apps, social media, customized content and interactive displays have become part of everyday life, and any brand that that does not tap into the everyday is seen as being out-of-date – if not plain dull. Fitting rooms, face-to-face contact and friendly sales representatives are still very much appreciated, but with technology on-site to help to cut queues, reveal what’s in-stock, speed up check-outs and provide brands with customer insights to customize follow-ups, your next popup can be the next best thing and is bound to deliver beyond what’s expected but become a standard-bearer for others to follow.   

Integrating modern day technology into your popup is about so much more than just delivering a fancy experience. Some of the biggest brands are showing the way to lead physical retail into the future: From Sephora who pioneered the field with its interactive mirrors and iPad stations, to Amazon and Alibaba with their smart payment systems and delivery services. Upgrading your popup with tech is key to tying the convenience of online browsing to the irreplaceable experience of in-store shopping.

For any brand that wants to thrive in this day and age, tech is the way forward.