If you are looking for ways to build up the customer base for your business then the custom touch-screen systems our company offers may give you new opportunities to do that. Modern computerized interactive displays allow you to offer information and services in ways that were not practical in the past. Our interactive information kiosks provide an enticing method for potential customers to find out more about your business while also dove-tailing in with services that the user may find useful. Here are a few ideas for ways that our technology can be used to let your business reach new customers.


Capture sidewalk foot traffic

If your business offices open onto a busy sidewalk then a custom designed digital display board placed within reach of passers-by can help you reach new customers. People love to interact with audio-visual displays and a display that provides them with useful functionality will be irresistible for most people. This provides you with the opportunity to inform casual visitors about your business and subtly introduce them to the solutions that your company can help them with.


Event advertising

If your business frequently advertises at sporting and entertainment events to find new customers then interactive information kiosks may let you take that advertising a step further. In addition to providing information about your business, you can also take the opportunity to use the kiosks to provide useful information and functionality for the event itself. People love to buy things but hate to be sold to, so combining your advertising with useful and relevant services can be a far more effective way of introducing them to your business.


Convention advertising

Business and professional conventions are also a great place to use interactive information kiosks. These conventions are frequented by a variety of business-people, many of whom may be interested in what your company has to offer. This is another situation where combining advertising for your business with functionality that is useful to people attending the event may pay off. There are many ways that you can do this, such as by providing an interactive map of the event and event schedules that let people know what is available and when they can access it.


Advertising in shopping malls, stores, and similar venues

There are many useful opportunities for using interactive information kiosks to advertise in shopping malls and retail stores. This can be particularly useful if your company has a commercial presence at the venue. Shopping malls get a huge amount of daily foot traffic with a wide variety of people passing through. If any of them have an interest in the products or solutions that your company offers then it will be easy to catch their eye and offer them a useful way to find out more about what you can offer them.


For education-focused businesses, kiosk placement on school and university campuses

If your business is in the field of education then you can use interactive touch-screen technology to provide information and services related to your business to students and faculty in educational institutions. Placement of touch-screen kiosks with the approval of the institution owners or managers allows you to provide useful functionality that the people who attend that institution will find valuable. This also allows you to encourage them to learn more about your company’s other education-related services.

Even if your company is not focused on education there are many reasons why providing schools with useful interactive information kiosks can be good for your business. There are many opportunities here for capturing future customers by introducing them to your business when they are just starting to find themselves in need of solutions that will benefit them in adulthood.


Encourage repeat custom by using touchscreens to give customers better service

Once you have a decent customer base the simplest and ultimately the most productive method to help that customer base grow is to hold on to the customers you have already accumulated. If you provide a service for those customers that meets their needs and gives them no cause for complaint then they will have no reason to look elsewhere.

Interactive touch-screen systems give you many ways that you can improve the customer experience. Touch-screen systems allow you to provide clients with interactive methods to quickly complete their tasks. They allow them to easily find out more information about their options with those tasks. And they help them find out about other problems that your business can solve for them.

There are a huge number of ways that interactive touch-screen technology can be used to help your business grow. MetroClick can help you with new ideas and the hardware and expertise required to convert those ideas into reality. Let us know what information-related problems that you need solved and then we can talk about the solutions that we are able to provide to you to help your business expand.