Informational touch screen kiosks are something that you often find put to a wide variety of uses in a range of locations. They are used for everything from providing basic navigation information to doing complex banking tasks. And, you can find them used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor kiosks can be particularly handy for businesses as they often allow people to find the information or interactive service they need before they enter a building and talk to a human representative. If you are a business owner then this can help save time for your employees and also provide a more efficient service to a visitor or potential customer.

If you need to provide interactive information services at outdoor locations then the MetroClick outdoor touch-screen kiosks may be the perfect solution for you. There are a great many uses that touch-screen kiosks can be put to outdoors, including a few that you may not yet have thought of. So if you are wondering what are the best uses for outdoor kiosks then here are some usage examples that may help you identify situations where an outdoor kiosk may be beneficial.

Information stations for sporting events

Sporting events and sports stadiums often need to provide useful information to event visitors and customers. This might include betting odds at events with gambling, event times, venue navigation, and information on athletes and teams participating in the event. Racing events may need to provide information about the different races available. Visitors may also want to get up-to-date information about the progress of events before entering the sports stadium. Touch-screen kiosks are an ideal way to provide them with all that information in an interactive format.

Student and visitor information kiosks at schools

Schools and campuses are often huge sprawling collections of difficult-to-navigate buildings which new students and visitors can be easily confused by. Strategically placed outdoor kiosks can help reduce that confusion by giving the new visitors fast access to maps and navigation searches that helps get them to where they need to go. If they have simple questions to common problems then the kiosks can also be used to provide a list of frequently asked questions and associated answers that may provide all the information the school visitor needs. Or it might let them ask more precise questions when they talk to a school representative.

Business directories for shopping malls

Shopping malls come in all shapes and sizes and many of the larger ones can be hard to navigate when a visitor is looking for a specific business or product. Retail malls tend to have many nooks and crannies with smaller stores located in places that may not receive their fair share of foot traffic. Outdoor touch-screen kiosks can help people find the location of the store they are looking for before they even enter the mall. In addition to helping the store customer, this also benefits both the store owners by giving them more custom and the mall owner by reducing traffic congestion as people aimlessly wander around looking for a hard to locate shop.

Conserving indoor building space

Another use for outdoor information kiosks is where indoor space is limited and standing room is at a premium. In this situation it can be handy to use an outdoor kiosk in order to encourage people seeking information to use that kiosk to find the information they need before entering the building. This enables them to more quickly navigate their way through the building if the information they were seeking was the location of their destination. If they were looking for other information then they may not need to enter the building at all as they may find out what they need to know from the kiosk. This can greatly help in reducing foot traffic congestion in premises with limited space.

Outdoor information kiosks have a huge range of uses and can help save time and resources when used effectively. They can be strategically placed on visitor foot traffic routes to allow users to easily find them. They can be programmed and configured to provide a wide range of information and interactive services to give the visitor what they want in the most efficient and effective manner possible. There are many ways that our information touch-screen kiosks can benefit your business and help you better serve your customers, so talk to us today about some of the uses that you may be interested in putting them to.