Are you are looking for an interactive way for potential customers to learn more about your business? Or perhaps you need a useful method for users and workers to interact within your business? If so then an interactive touch-screen kiosk may be just what you need. In some cases, a single-screen kiosk may not be interactive enough to suit your purposes though. This is where a double-screen kiosk may come in handy.

A two-screen kiosk lets you double the number of potential interactions. And it also makes collaborative interactions possible. Because this technology is highly configurable, the uses you can put it to are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Here are just a few ways that you can put a double-screen interactive touch-screen kiosk to use, and some reasons why you may wish to do so.


To save space and increase cost-efficiency.

If space is at a premium in the area where you wish to site the kiosk then a double-screen kiosk will let you get more value from the space that the kiosk takes up. Using a double-screen kiosk lets you double the potential interactions. This can be essential when the kiosk is used in a busy space, as people clustering around the kiosk waiting for their turn can make that space less productive.


To display information for two adjoining store product rows or product areas.

If you have retail store product rows or product areas that face each other then you can increase the value you get from an interactive kiosk by using a double-screen kiosk to service two adjoining areas. This can also be useful if you have kiosks that service long side-by-side or end-to-end product rows. Depending on the layout of your store this can save space by halving the number of kiosks that you need. It will also allow you more room to provide better access to the product rows and stock more products on them.


To ensure that one screen is not blockaded by a single inconsiderate user.

When you have a single kiosk servicing an area that kiosk becomes vulnerable to inconsiderate users, or users who need some extended time with the kiosk for some reason. A double-screen kiosk lets you reduce bottlenecks and stops people from clustering around a kiosk that has become blockaded – potentially adding to the traffic bottlenecks in that area as a result.


To let you run interactive quizzes, puzzles, and gamified apps for two people to use.

If you want to add some fun interactivity to an area while presenting users with information about your products or business then you can use an interactive kiosk to serve quizzes, puzzles, and games. A double-screen kiosk also lets you run two-player coop or competitive experiences that couples and groups of friends may be drawn to…


To let you provide couples with dual information to search simultaneously.

If your business is targeted at couples then a double-screen interactive kiosk gives you a variety of options to let couples use both screens simultaneously to search for information that is specific to them. You can also provide ways for them to interact while searching, such as allowing them to send interactive information between the displays.


To let workers collaborate.

If you are using interactive displays in a work environment then a double-screen display can let workers work together to complete organizational and management tasks via the interactive touch-screen kiosk.


To let you provide kiosks with visibly different levels of interface complexity.


People have different aptitudes and different amounts of time that they want to spend interacting with an information kiosk. Having two screens lets you present information to the user in two different ways. You can have one screen present a deep interface that shows the user that they can obtain detailed information. You can have the other screen displaying a wizard-style interface that they may prefer if they only have the time or interest for casual use of the kiosk.


To double the chance of a user seeing an advertising display.

If your kiosk is used to advertise your business or products then you want as much visibility for those ads as you can get. Depending on where the kiosk is placed and what type of kiosk it is the user may approach it from a variety of different angles. A multi-screen kiosk dramatically increases the chance that the user will see the display and decide to interact with it to learn more.

A double-screen kiosk expands your usage options dramatically and lets you put the kiosk to some creative uses. You can increase visibility, increase the number of available interactions, and increase the complexity of possible interactions. So consider the uses you might want to put a double-screen interactive touch-screen information kiosk to and see if you can think up some creative ways to improve the productivity of your business by using this technology.

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