Recently, MetroClick was featured in Built in NYC!

Big arena tech isn’t all about security — companies like MetroClick are incorporating technology into the fan experience, too. MetroClick creates custom immersive experiences using large digital touchscreens. The company has partnered with stadiums and brands to craft touch-screen advertising and retail experiences of all shapes and sizes. MetroClick designs both the software and hardware of their units, allowing them to be fully customized by the client and deliver the most customized experience possible. [read the full article]

MetroClick’s touch screen display solutions help businesses present information in a visually appealing and interactive manner that creates the opportunity to engage a larger audience. Our touch screen displays can be mounted to walls or embedded in paneling.

Nearly any organization can utilize MetroClick’s digital signage and touch technology to make a surface bright and interactive. MetroClick touch technology has been used in kiosks, signage, photo booths, displays and more. From digital signage to touch screen applications, we have a solution for your interactive display needs. The versatility of the MetroClick software platforms allow touch screens to be used for all different purposes.